Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bento Making At Robinsons Townville BF

Bento baons has been on my social media feed for quite some time already.  More and more mommies are getting hooked into bento making.  I haven’t quite given in to the fad yet, since I am sure that bento making needs more than creativity but effort and passion as well, things I am sure I lack.  However, being a mom to a preschooler makes you want to try and give your kid a cute bento baon even for one time.  

So, when a friend asked me to come join her as she will be hosting a bento making workshop, I gladly agreed.  The event was called “My Best Baon to School Bento Making Workshop and Challenge” at Robinsons Townville BF Paranaque.  It was co-sponsored by Daiso.

The workshop was conducted by Nikki Garcia.  She demonstrated how to do both rice and bread bento baon.  It looks fairly easy to do.

Nikki Garcia demonstrating how to do a Bento Baon.

Bento Baons by Nikki Garcia.

After the workshop, the audiences were grouped in to 2-3 participants to take on the bento making challenge.  We were given 500 Robinsons Gift Certificate, Bento Making materials from Daiso, 30 minutes to shop for the ingredients at Robinsons Supermarket, and an hour to prepare our bento baons.

Tools and equipment for the Bento Making Challenge.

After an hour of preparation, here’s the bento baon my group made.  And it won 2nd place! J 

Cute di ba?

Neo was with me during the workshop and the challenge.  He then asked me to make him a rabbit bento as his baon for school today, and here’s the result.  He was not so happy with the rabbit saying it doesn’t look like one but ended up finishing the baon itself as it taste good daw.  Yey! J

Does this look like a rabbit?

Now it’s a new challenge for me to be doing bento baons for Neo.  I’m crossing my fingers that I can do it even once a week. 


  1. Finally read your blog! Thanks for joining the event. Diba it was fun naman and we made new friends?! I think your bento looks great! Maybe you should make one for us in the office ��

    1. Thanks for reading my blog :) I'll bring you sandwich na lang sa office, effort ang bento, one lang keri kong gawin :P


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