Friday, September 2, 2016

Neo, the Bible Bearer

Weddings always bring positive vibes to everyone.  I love attending weddings as it brings back so much wonderful memories especially of my own wedding. 

Last June, we were invited yet again to another wedding (as I start to age, my events nowadays are either weddings or baptisms, hahaha).   It was my cousin’s wedding and was held at Laguna.

Neo was already a Ring Bearer last December.  He walked gracefully down the aisle to the amazement of everyone since he didn’t attend the rehearsals.  It turns out that Papa inserted Mama’s mobile phone at the bottom part of the pillow and instructed Neo to walk properly so the mobile phone won’t fall.  (One clever Papa!)

 Waiting patiently for his turn. 

This time, our little Neo was Tita Bevs and Tito JM’s Bible Bearer.  He walked gracefully down the aisle as he did last time.   But this time, no trick was done.  We just told Neo that he will be holding the bible for Tita Bevs’ wedding.  And he did it as charmingly as he could!

Oh, he’s a big boy already.  This is another proud moment for me as a mom.  J


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