Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Get Cash and Rewards from SnapCart

Last week, I was introduced to an app many mommies and homemakers will love – SnapCart.  SnapCart is Asia’s first real-time shopper engagement app that allows brands to connect with their customers.  It launched last August 2016 in the Philippines and has been downloaded for more than 20,000 times. 

How Does SnapCart Works?

·         Download the app through Google Play.

·         Do your shopping.

·         Upload your receipts in SnapCart App.

·         Wait for the rewards and cashbacks.  (PS: I earned Php24 from 3 grocery receipts!  Way more than my regular rewards points). 

What Receipts Can I Upload?

Grocery and other retail stores such as pharmacy, health, and beauty stores’ receipts are eligible for upload.  Soon, restaurants, gasoline, electronics, and other commodities’ receipt will be included as well.

What Do SnapCart Do With My Receipt?

On SnapCart’s end, all receipts’ data is compiled into the company’s data platform, which is use to provide clients (brands) reports on offline consumer spending and shopping habits.  This is a breakthrough in the traditional way of conducting research through answering surveys, and will help obtain deeper analysis and insights about shoppers.

Are There Other Ways To Enjoy SnapCart?

SnapCart has added a new game called Snaptastic, an in-app bonus game feature where users can accumulate coins just by filling up surveys, taking selfies with products, watching videos, and guessing mystery products.  The coins can be used to increase the chances of getting cash, and other surprises from SnapCart’s partner brands.

SnapCart is available to Android users through Google Play Store. 

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