Monday, October 24, 2016

Press Release: The Mind Museum’s Science Circus

The Mind Museum’s Science Circus: Step Right Up! Is coming this October 28, 2016!  It is the latest travelling exhibition of The Mind Museum where the peculiar, amazing, and extraordinary experiences of our everyday life in the form of interactive exhibits will be showcased.

Circus is known to many as the awe-inspiring demonstration of physical skill such as high-flying aerial exhibitions and death defying daredevil stunts, however, Science Circus challenges these traditional notions by focusing on the mind’s acrobatic perceptual tricks.

Three Rings will be the focus of the Science Circus.  Ring One or the Deception Perception is a menagerie of exhibits that will prompt you to question whether to see is to believe.  Ring Two or the Pieces of Incredible Engineering where guests can engage their minds in puzzles and relish how art and math came together.  Ring Three or the Encounters with Masters where guests can interact with and learn the secrets from the Master of Illusions.

The Mind Museum’s Science Circus will be displayed for a limited run, until January 31, 2017 only.  The Science Circus aims to travel to provinces and cities around the country as part of The Mind Museum’s mission to bring science closer to the general public.

Entrance Fee to Science Circus only - Php200/head (Adult or Child).  Entrance Fee to The Mind Museum (3 hour tour) + The Science Circus – Php750 for Adult, Php650 for Child/Student.  Kids Below two feet are free of charge.

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