Friday, October 14, 2016

Product Review: Tupperware’s Kids Plus

Tupperware is one brand I grew up to.  My mom has a lot of Tupperware products.  This is mostly Tupperware containers that she loves and she swears by the products’ durability.   Along the years, Tupperware has innovate into several products not just food containers and kitchen wares.  One of these products is their Kids Plus line.

Moms like me are very careful in choosing the products we use for our kids.  I am one lucky mom because Neo’s skin is not too sensitive, but still I make sure that all products applied to him are gentle so it won’t affect his skin’s moisture balance.   So we were lucky that Tupperware sent over various products from their Kids Plus line for Neo to try.

We started the day by using Kids Plus Shampoo and Kids Plus Bath.   Both products smell good and are gentle to the skin and hair.  There is no need to apply a generous amount of Kids Plus Shampoo to the hair as the product is very bubbly.  Kids Plus Shampoo has Puricare and Cetiol that gives protective layer to your kids hair while moisturizing it.  Kids Plus Bath has Plantapon Skin Cleanser that gently cleans and removes dirt in your kids skin.

After taking a bath, we would apply Kids Plus Powder to Neo’s back, apply Kids Plus Lotion to his arms and legs, then after his all dressed up, Kids Plus Cologne is given  to him for a perfect before-going-to-school routine.   Kids Plus Powder has Allantoin that helps prevent dryness of skin, while Kids Plus Lotion has Nectapure that helps lock in 24hour moisture.  Kids Plus Cologne has Hydraplus formula to make sure freshness is and fragrance stays for 3 hours.

Neo enjoys using Kids Plus products and would even ask us (his Papa, me, and Ate Espie) to smell him after his ritual (bathing, shampooing, applying powder, lotion, and cologne).  He would say: “Ang bango ko po, ‘no?”  (I smell good, right?)

He smells so good before going to school.  Thanks to Tupperware Kids Plus. 

What I like about Kids Plus aside from the good smell (which is not very overpowering) is that Kids Plus is hypoallergenic.  Your kids’ skin will not react negatively as it is gentle on their skin. 

Tupperware also has Baby Care Plus products perfect for babies and Mom Plus products for mommies too. 

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