Sunday, November 20, 2016

Our Family Dinner Date at Café 8

One fine Saturday evening our family decided to have a dinner date at Café 8.  Café 8 is located at Crimson Hotel, Alabang, Muntinlupa.  We reserved a day prior to visiting.  My little boy was excited at the idea of a dinner date (he gets giddy at the idea of dates – dates that include him of course!)

We arrived at Café 8 past six in the evening, just in time for the opening of the buffet restaurant. 

He’s below 4ft and he gets to eat for free! J

We were seated promptly.  My little boy must be hungry that the moment he was seated he asked us, his Papa and Me, if they have kanin and sabaw (rice and soup).  We laughed so hard!  We went all the way from Cavite to Muntinlupa, at a hotel restaurant and Neo wants to eat rice and soup!  Ah… such a darling boy.

For a buffet restaurant, Café 8 serves minimal choices compared to others.  But since it is a buffet restaurant inside a hotel, they have complete selection of food and of quality taste.    

Gigantic plates! Hahaha
They have rice, soup, and viands of all types (fish, pork, beef, chicken, and even halal food).

Pasta and Chinese soups were you can customize the ingredients.

 Simple Japanese cuisine.

Wide array of Salad choices.


 For desert, they offer gelatos.


Cake slices, and fruits (you can see the rambutan).

And wines, which you have to pay additional for a bottle.

Overall, we had a great time eating at Café 8.  The little boy even ate more than the rice and soup he initially wanted, but ate cakes, gelatos, and fish too.  That night, we were one happy family and our tummies were happier J

One happy kid!

Weekday Lunch Buffet at Php1226.
Saturday Lunch Buffet at Php1533.
Dinner Buffet (Monday to Saturday) at Php1533.


  1. We had dinner buffet at Cafe Eight during our staycation. I find it expensive kasi ang konti lang talaga ng choices compared sa ibang restuarant or hotel. Good thing ok ang service nila and hindi matao, free pa nun anak ko. hehehe!

    1. yup, they are quite expensive talaga. but they offer delicious foods naman.

  2. I miss Filipino foods. =) My sons are the same. They just look for rice and sabaw (usually sinigang) whenever we dine out. haha

    1. Neo likes sinigang too. Asim Kilig daw kasi. :)


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