Thursday, December 1, 2016

Neo at Volkswagen Junior Child Safety Initiative

Early this year, Top Gear Philippines announced that there’s an on-going Volkswagen Junior Child Safety Initiative.  Because Neo loves cars too much, this is something I would like for him to try.  So when I saw that Volkswagen Junior Child Safety Initiative will be part of Summit Ridge’s Eat, Shriek, and Be Scary Halloween Party, we immediately put it in our calendar.

After the Halloween Party at Summit Ridge events hall, we went outside the lobby where the Volkswagen Junior Child Safety Initiative was located.  It has four (4) main components.

REGISTRATION.  Parents register their kids to participate in the course.  Part of the registration is the taking the kid’s picture and personal information for their Junior Driver’s License.

SEMINAR.  After registration, the kids were ushered to a hall for the driving seminar.  Our little boy was lucky as it was former LTO chief Alberto Suansing who led his Junior Safety Seminar.  The kids were taught basic traffic rules and regulations.

PRACTICE DRIVING COURSE. Once done with the seminar, kids can now apply what they learned in the driving course.  The driving course is composed of makeshift routes and buildings, traffic lights, and road signs.  Kids drove around using kiddie Volkswagen cars.

DRIVERS LICENSE RELEASE.  After completing the registration, seminar, and practice driving course, kids were given their very own Volkswagen Junior Driver’s License.

After the activity, parents were also given a handbook entitled Child Safety Initiative.  This is to aid parents in teaching our kids how to be more vigilant in the roads.  Learning always starts in our own home.   

This is a very nice activity that can help kids.  Neo enjoyed it a lot while learning.  I hope there will be more activities such as this one that my little boy can participate.

PS: Being a wife to a car enthusiast and a mom to a future car enthusiast, I do follow websites and facebook pages about cars. J


  1. Loved it :) Agree learning starts at home and these days so glad marami ng fun activities yet beneficial sa kids when it comes to learning. Hope someday we can attend this kind of activity, my youngest son loved cars :)♥

    1. its a very nice activity. kids learn most when they experience it hands on

  2. Love love love this. Such a great way to start traffic rules with kids. I would love my kids to participate in this. :)

    1. kids these age absorbs learning best, so better start early talaga on teaching them traffic rules.


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