Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Sharp J-Tech Inverter 2-Door Refrigerator

It’s the Christmas season again, the time of the year when Filipino families gather and enjoy parties as part of their Christmas tradition.  Good food and drinks are always part of these Christmas traditions.  Abundance of several holiday favorites is sometimes a dilemma before and after the gatherings.  Most homemakers, with all the excitement that comes with hosting and attending parties, has two concerns in mind: food storage and potential left overs.

Your Christmas Helper

During the most hectic parties, you always need an efficient and reliable assistant.  The new Sharp J-Tech Inverter 2-Door Refrigerator [SJ-FTS08AVS-SL, SJ-FTS09AVS-SL] can be of help.  It is equipped with a spacious two-way fresh room that when closed, serves as chiller that cools the compartment rapidly for perfectly chilled drinks.  It is also complete with big door pockets to accommodate tall and large bottles of beverages, adjustable freezer shelves for maximum storage, a large vegetable compartment for all your fresh ingredients, and tempered glass shelves that is strong enough to hold up to 100kg worth of items.  The Sharp J-Tech Inverter 2-Door Refrigerator also has a built-in Ag+Cu Nano deodorizer that effectively suppresses and eliminates strong lingering odors inside the fridge – preserving flavor, freshness, and taste of all food stored.  

Feel Extra Festive for Less

Aside from all the features mentioned above, the Sharp J-Tech Inverter 2-Door Refrigerator is powered by the engineering of the J-Tech Inverter, it has a 32-step rotation compressor speed that gives optimum, even, and fast cooling performance to ensure that you and your guests only drink the coolest beverage and eat the freshest food.

It also has an enhanced unique Extra Eco Mode button which allows the fridge to adjust to the most appropriate cooling temperature whenever there are few items inside.  With the less excessive work of producing unused and unnecessary cool air, and in using LED Lighting, it can save up to 46% on energy which truly affirms the durable, efficient, and masterful design system only Japan technology can bring.  It also has the 7 Shields Protection to withstand any hazards like vibration, fire, and instability.

With all its unique functions and features, Sharp J-Tech Inverter 2-Door Refrigerator can be your Christmas helper and watch as it transform your typical Christmas party into a merrier and less stressful one.

For more information, you can visit Sharp’s official website:, Sharp Philippines in facebook, and on Instagram.  Or visit any authorized Sharp dealers near you. 


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