Thursday, December 22, 2016

Press Release: Sleep Your Way to Good Health

One of the most underestimated daily activities is sleeping.  A lot of us use sleep only as a means to rest and would sometimes give up sleep just to stretch our day.  What we don’t know is that sleep is very vital in achieving good health.  This is why LifeScience for Health and Wellness introduces its signature Sleep Analysis Consultation for us to understand the importance of sleep.  These analysis and consultation are geared toward helping people sleep their way to good health.

Sleep deprivation affects us not only physically but also mentally.  Lack of quality sleep makes us feel less productive, constantly tired, moody, makes us react slower, and thus making us prone to mistakes or worst, accidents.  As for our mental health, sleep deprivation affects our cognitive function and makes us unable to focus properly and retain information.  The risk of acquiring chronic diseases also increases with sleep deprivation.

LifeScience Sleep Analysis and Consultation tackles sleep issues through a scientific, multi-disciplinary, and proactive approach.  Recognizing factors that affects sleeping problems is very vital in order to determine the appropriate steps needed to be followed to help sleep better.  Sleeping problems such as insomnia may be treated with sleeping pills but with strict doctor’s supervision.  However, it cannot be simply treated with sleeping pills alone.  This is because sleep issues or problems can be caused by so many things, such as hormonal issues, lifestyle factors, biologic alterations, and many more.  These are what LifeScience Sleep Analysis and Consultation would want to work on.

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