Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Press Release: SM Southmall Unveils The Christmas Town

Witness that magical tale of the true meaning of Christmas as The Christmas Town is unveil at SM Southmall.  The launch showcases this year’s thematic centerpiece with a musical production by Stages. 

The wonderful tale of Christmas Town is about Elle, the Christmas Town’s event organizer for its annual Christmas celebration, and how she put together all important characters of Christmas: which includes Sparkle and Glitter, Snow, and Gifts. 

Aside from the Christmas launch, SM Southmall has other holiday activities in store.  Kids can experience the magic of Santa’s Workshop when they purchase a pair of Bears of Joy teddy bears at the event center from November 9 – December 17.   Every Sunday of November and December, Santa Claus himself will be at the event center and kids can meet him and take pictures.

Join SM Southmall’s 100 Days of Christmas countdown by posting your most festive holiday photos in social media with the hashtags #SMSouthmallChristmas #100DaysofChristmas.  You will get a chance to win exiting prizes!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Event: Promil Four Partners With Parents In Nurturing Every Child’s Gift

Do you know that the last week of November is when we celebrate Gifted Awareness?  Promil Four took an initiative and help celebrate the Gifted Awareness Month for the whole of November.   That is why in partnership with the Philippine Center for Gifted Education (PCGE), Wyeth Promil Four conducted a Learning Workshop for parents that features several keynote speakers and workshop facilitators.

The learning workshop was something very memorable for mommies (and some daddies too).  This is because we learned a lot on how we nurture the gift that each and every child has.   We learned and we apply. 

What are the things I love about the whole afternoon of workshop from Promil Four?

I love that there were several keynote speakers who are experts of different fields such as Dr. Christia Padolina for Obstetrics and Health, Dr. Tippy Tanchanco for Pediatrics, and Dr. Leticia Ho for Clinical Psychology who imparted important knowledge to participants.

 I love that I learned that it is not just by academics that we nurture our child.  We have to help them develop the three Rs: Reasoning, Resilience, and Responsibility.  And with these three Rs comes a subset of learning. 

o   Love for Learning, Skill at Learning, and Communication to build Reasoning.
o   Self-Knowledge, Worldliness, and Comfort with Complexity to build Resilience.
o   People Sense, Goal Setting, and Open-mindedness to build Responsibility.

I love that I also learned that not all milk are created equal and there are milk brands that supports our kids’ gifts.  Wyeth’s Promil Four has nutrients that help kids achieve their full potential.

I love the workshops itself.  We were asked to free our mind and act like 5-year old kids.  We exercise our creativity and painted to enhance our mental health.  We played with other mommies (who were acting like 5-year-olds too) to build our social and communication skills.  And we developed our physical strength through yoga.

We built this “castle” while forbidden to talk to each other.  Teamwork.
Strengthen the body through yoga.
The painting of 5-year-old me.

I love that we were treated to a sumptuous buffet at Sofitel’s Spiral.  Mommies had so much fun chatting away while indulging into delicious foods.

 I love that before the end of the program, mommies were given a single-stemmed pink rose while being serenaded by Tawag ng Tanghalan kids.  This is how Wyeth showed appreciation to mommies who nurture the gift to each and every child.

Such a sweet surprise! 

It was such a lovely afternoon.   Promil Four would like us to encourage other moms, and dads, to nurture the gift in each and every child.  Let us support our kids’ mental, physical, and social development.  Every child has a gift.  It is our responsibility to help them achieve it.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

La Fiesta: A Filipino Buffet Experience

Eating will always be a part of any celebration for our family.  Since it was the hubby’s birthday last October, we decided to eat out at La Fiesta at SM Mall of Asia.  La Fiesta is located at SM by the Bay where most of the buffet restaurants are located.

We have tried some of the buffet restaurant at SM by the Bay: Vikings, Buffet 101, Movie Stars Cafe, and Four Seasons (you can click the link for reviews).  We wanted to try La Fiesta as it seems to have unique buffet offering.  We didn’t avail of their birthday promo but instead bought vouchers at Metrodeal. 

La Fiesta offers mostly Filipino foods.  They have the regular Filipino viands we cook at home like Pinakbet, Sisig, Kare-kare, etc.  The soups they offer are Bulalo and Sinigang.  The desserts are Halo-halo and Kakanin.  

Lechon, the star of the Filipino fiesta, is also available.  This made me very happy.  I love eating lechon J

Since most of the foods are Filipino inspired, there are street foods available too (which we didn’t try since we can try this on our own). 

There’s also a sorbetes (dirty ice cream) booth but I think it is empty and just for picture only.  But if you like to eat ice-cream, it is available at the dessert counter.

Even though La Fiesta has mostly Filipino foods, they also offer some international dishes like sushi and maki, steamed bun, pizzas, etc.

If you will be visiting La Fiesta, ask to be seated at the couch in front of the stage.  This is because La Fiesta has a small stage where performers sing while you eat.  There are cultural dances too during weekends. 

During our visit, La Fiesta has very few customers.  Maybe because it was weekday.  But compared to the other buffet restaurants are SM by the Bay, La Fiesta has fewer customers though they have a big area.  La Fiesta has fewer food choices too compared to the other buffet restaurants, though it is a little bit cheaper than the rest.

This little guy ate rice with Sinigang and ice cream only.  Not sulit for Php380 no?

Lunch at La Fiesta starts at 1130 AM.  Buffet cost Php630 for weekday lunch.  Children below 3.5 ft get to eat for free, while kids 3.5 to 4.5 ft (like Neo) pay Php380.  Go visit La Fiesta if you are craving for a Filipino fiesta like food and a celebratory vibe to go with it. 

Friday, November 3, 2017

Japan 2017: How To Save On Transportation?

Japan is one of those countries with the best means of transportation.   Their trains and buses are efficient modes of transporting you from one tourist spot to another.  These trains and buses are clean, well-maintained, and it leaves on time.  Aside from that, these modes of transportation have courteous and polite staffs.  However, every nice thing comes with a price.  Transportation in Japan is expensive.  So how can you save on transportation when you travel in Japan?  Here are some tips.

·         Japan offers tourists a lot of options on how to save on transportation as its way of attracting more tourists.  All these passes were made to help ease the cost of transportation for tourists visiting Japan.

o   One of which is the JR Pass, a nationwide access to all JR operated trains which cost JPY 29,110 for 7days.  We didn’t avail the JR pass as for this to be maximized; you should travel from one region to another, back and forth – which we didn’t do.
o   Also available in Osaka is the Osaka Amazing Pass which gives you unlimited rides to all subway, and access to different Osaka Attractions. 

o   Tokyo has a Metro Pass and Metro Subway Pass which also offers unlimited rides to subway and Toei lines. 

·         Going to Tokyo from Osaka using the Shinkansen will cost you almost JPY 14,200. Use the overnight bus instead.

·         Still want to ride the Shinkansen?  You can still ride it by using a shorter distance.   Like we did.  We rode the Shinkansen from Osaka to Kyoto.  A Shinkansen ride within a region is still a Shinkansen experience.

·         Walk.  Walking will save you money.  As Japan has a cold climate, you won’t feel very tired while walking.  You will not perspire a lot.  But make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and socks.

·         Avoid taxis.  They cost a lot.

·         Research a lot and use Hyperdia.  Japan’s railway system looks like a spaghetti to me.  It is so confusing.  Download the Hyperdia app once you arrive in Japan as it will help you navigate Japan railways and subways easier.

Tokyo’s train map (both subway and JR lines).  Looks like a spaghetti, right? (photo from JR website).

These are some tips on how to save on transportation when you travel to Japan.  Enjoy your trip! J

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Press Release: Manila Express

Manila Express has been connecting overseas Filipino in Canada to home since 1985.  The management has prioritized the value of long years of relationship with their frequent customers built on trust and reliability, offering money transfer deliveries to the Philippines nationwide.  Manila Express is the pioneer and one of the major players for 32 years now in the remittance business from Canada going to the Philippines with a network of 11 branches nationwide.  Its strongest hold, British Columbia has 5 branches in West Broadway, Mainstreet, Richmond, Surrey, and West Vancouver.  Another three branches are in Calgary, one in Edmonton, one in Scarborough, and one in Winnepeg.  Exclusive agents are located in Montreal, Whitehorse, Regina, Saskatoon, Camrose and Fort McMurray.

Several services offered by Manila Express are: Bank Deposit, Cash Pickup, Door to Door Cash Delivery, Manila Express Via CashCard, Government and other bills payment, Gift Delivery, Multi-Currency and Reverse Remittance, and Foreign Exchange.

Manila Express also operates with another subsidiary, Manila Cargo Express.  It has full service branches across Canada, offering cargo shipment to any parts of the Philippines.  It is one of the largest balikbayan box businesses in Canada with the fastest lead time in sending sea cargo to the Philippines.  Manila Cargo Express upholds high quality from double ply corrugated balikbayan box to barcoding system for accuracy and tracking efficiency.  They have an online tracking system and a set of efficient customer service representatives.

For more information visit:

Friday, October 27, 2017

Birthday Celebration at Yakimix SM Dasmarinas

Our family loves celebrating an occasion though eating (and sometimes, swimming).  Since we don’t have anything planned for Neo’s Lolo Jun’s birthday last September, and Yakimix opened a new branch at SM Dasmarinas, the mall closest to where we have our Sunday church, we decided to give this newly opened buffet restaurant a try.

We have celebrated the hubby’s birthday last time at Yakimix Hobbies located at Macapagal before.  So Yakimix’s type of buffet is nothing new to us.  Yakimix buffet allows you to grill your own food.  Buffet price per person is Php650 and kids Neo’s age is charged Php299. 

Functioning griller – unlike the one we had at Yakimix Hobbies.

We arrived at Yakimix SM Dasmarinas around 11AM.  We were seated asap since we have a reservation. 

The paper placemat has instructions on how to grill properly.

There are a lot of varieties of food choices you can grill – pork, fishes, chicken, seafoods, etc.  But if you’re not too fond of grilling, you can go to the other food station they offer. 

They have regular viands and dishes.  They also have some Japanese cuisines – Sakuyaki, Sushis, and Makis.  They also have a salad area.   They have dessert area that includes some cakes, ice creams, and a halo-halo station.  Take note that all these food stations have very small number of choices (no more than 10 choices in every food station).   The grilling station has the most number of food choices among all the food stations.

Yakimix Dasmarinas’ area is bigger than that of Yakimix Hobbies Macapagal.  The presentation of food is better too (maybe because they are fairly new).

Since it was Lolo Jun’s birthday, he was given a small birthday cake, a group of staff sang a birthday song for him, and he gets to eat for free (since he was with 3 full paying adults – us).

Look how happy Lolo Jun while the Yakimix staff was singing. 

Our overall experience at Yakimix SM Dasmarinas was a nice one.  You rarely see a buffet restaurant in Cavite, and having Yakimix at SM Dasmarinas is a welcome addition to all the restaurants already in there.  Plus, they made Neo’s Lolo Jun a happy one on his birthday J

Monday, October 23, 2017

Scott’s DHA Gummies For Your Child’s Brain Development

Little kids need all the nutrition they can get from food.  But we have to admit that not all kids love to eat all types of nutritious foods.  This is the reason why mommies (guided by pediatricians) give multivitamins to their kids. 

When Neo was still a baby, his pedia prescribed him two types of vitamins: one solely focused on vitamin C, and another one for multivitamins.  As Neo grew older, we have retained the brand with vitamin C but we have tried different brands for the multivitamins.  You will ask, why though?  This is because as my little boy age, his needs changes.

Neo is now a first grader at five years old.  Yes, too early for grade school right?  We are happy that he is not having a hard time understanding his daily lessons.  In fact, he sometimes excels at school.  But just like any other mom, I would give anything to make sure he would find learning an easy task.

Recently, I have been introduced to Scott’s DHA Gummies.  DHA helps in your child’s brain development.   Research shows that at age 6, a child’s brain by weight is 90% developed.  Therefore, it is important for brain development to be aided by fatty acids called DHA.  Scott’s DHA Gummies is a rich source of DHA.  It is in gummy form which is easy to chew and fun to take.  It also comes in two sweet flavors that kids love: Strawberry and Orange. 

Neo takes 3 gummies a day, the recommended dosage, to help him in his daily activities.  His assessment exams are coming and I’m confident that he will do well thanks to Scott’s DHA Gummies.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Event: Neozep’s Huginhawa Day With Alden Rchards

Last Saturday, the events area of Festival Mall was in full blast.  This is because Neozep had its Huginhawa Day and it was graced by no other than Neozep’s brand ambassador, Alden Richards.

The whole afternoon event was fun filled as Alden Richards gave a song and dance number to entertain the guests.  He also participated in the short story that shows how Neozep can quickly heal colds.  Neozep has two variants: Neozep Non-Drowse perfect for days you need to be up and about, and Neozep Forte that is good for days when you need to rest.

That’s Ilong Ranger beating up Sipon.

It was easy to gain entrance to the event.  All the guests have to do is buy certain amount of Neozep Forte and Neozep Non-Drowse.  This gave them access to the event, and a chance to have a photo op with Alden Richards.  There are also games and prizes throughout the whole event.

To cap the night, Neozep had its Huginhawa Appreciation Night at Bellevue Alabang.  Neozep honored all people, from Doctors, Volunteers, Fans, and everyone, who helped them make Huginhawa Days all over the country a huge success.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

An Overnight Stay at Midas Hotel’s Deluxe Room

One very busy Saturday of August, I find myself staying in the office past midnight and I need a place to stay overnight as I need to be back at the office again come morning.  There are a lot of hotels near my workplace.  These hotels vary from 5-stars to 1-star.  As I need only need a place to stay overnight (not really overnight but only a few hours), I don’t think it’s practical to book a 5-star hotel; however, I don’t want to stay overnight in a motel as well.

Midas Hotel is not so close my workplace but I find its rate cheaper than those close to my office.  It’s a 4-star hotel and casino located along Roxas Boulevard close to SM Mall of Asia and Baclaran.

The hotel lobby is small but grand with high ceilings and has a lot of decorations of various luxury brand boxes (Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Channel, and a lot more).  The lobby of the hotel is where the reception is located.  Also located in the lobby is the 2702 Lounge area.

We didn’t have a hard time checking in the hotel.  The receptionists are nice and welcome drinks were offered to us while waiting.  A security deposit of Php3000 was required from us.  I find this quite high (as some hotels I stayed at only required Php1000 – Php1500).  This must be because Midas Hotel has a casino – and guests might spend there.

The room given to us was at the fifth floor.  It is a deluxe room with a view of EDSA.  Let me give you some of my takeaways and review of our overnight stay at Midas Hotel’s deluxe room.

Room – 4 out of 5.  The deluxe room given to us has twin beds with a small area of approximately 33sqm.  It has a small balcony with a view of EDSA.  It has an LED TV, air-conditioning unit, cabinets with bathrobes and slippers, extra pillows, in-room safe, and a mini bar complete with snacks and drinks.  The bathroom has a bathtub (I really love hotel rooms with bathtub J) and complete set of toiletries (shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, dental kit, and a small vanity kit) .  The room was clean and the pillows in the bed are very soft.  Everything was perfect even though the deluxe room was quite small.  What I don’t find okay was the balcony area.  It was quite dirty.  I understand that it was outside and close to EDSA with all the dirt and pollution – but I would have appreciated it if it was cleaned especially the seats and flooring.

Amenities – 3 out of 5.  Midas Hotel is nice but for a 4-star hotel, I find its amenities lacking.  The parking area is at the back of the hotel.  You will have to walk quite far just to go the reception.  There’s a valet parking but we haven’t tried it.  Midas Hotel has no swimming pool and no play area for kids.  So for those who are planning a staycation here, I don’t recommend it.  I wasn’t able to ask if they have a spa area – but they do offer in-room massages.  Midas Hotel has no recreational activities save for the casino.  So I think, it was really meant for casino goers and business men.

Staff – 4.5 out of 5.  Hotel staffs are nice.  They greet you along the way. They are helpful when asked for directions.  They also offer to carry bags (even small ones) to help.  The hotel receptionists are nice – but they don’t smile often.  When asked, they respond nicely but stiff.  I wish they would smile more.  Smiling to guests gives off a nice hotel ambiance.

Food – 4 out of 5.  Midas Hotel’s complimentary breakfast is located at the hotel’s 2nd floor.  Midas CafĂ© has a big area and thus is not crowded.  It is overlooking Roxas Boulevard. They have few food choices (regular breakfast menu, pancakes, breads, salads, coffee, and drinks)  – not as much choices as with Century Park Hotel and Crown Regency Cebu (both hotel’s has my thumbs up for buffet breakfast).  Buffet breakfast price is at Php950 per person.

Location – 5 out of 5.  Midas Hotel is strategically located.  It is so close to SM Mall of Asia and Baclaran.  It is also close to the airport.  This hotel is a nice option for those who have an early flight.

Value for Money – 4 out of 5.  We booked Midas Hotel’s deluxe room at Php4000 overnight with breakfast buffet for 2.  I find it a good (not best) value for your money if you don’t have staycation plans and you need a very nice place to stay overnight.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are mine.

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