Monday, February 27, 2017

Shopee Launches March Madness!

Shopee, one of the fastest growing mobile shopping app in the Philippines and Southeast Asia has reached another milestone.  Shopee now reached the number 2 spot in the Shopping category for both Google Play and the App Store with a 4.3 and 5 star rating respectively on each platforms.  

Shopee’s consistently high ratings shows that Filipino users are continuously satisfied with the features and services of Shopee.  Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery (COD) nationwide are just 2 of the things Filipino online shoppers are most happy with Shopee.

With this growth, Shopee now focuses on further expansion of their fastest growing category – Mobiles and Gadgets.  As such, Shopee introduces “March Madness”.  March Madness will feature a wide range of electronics, gadgets, and accessories for tech geeks to choose from.  This will include bestselling mobile phones, usb cables, smartwatches, VR Boxes, and power banks. 

Bavin, one of the brands participating at Shopee March Madness!

Several brands and shops will participate in Shopee March Madness such as MemoXpress, IntoGadgets, Torque, My Kronoz, X-Mini, and Bavin.  These brands and shops will offer low prices for mobiles and gadgets, product launches, gifts, promo bundles, and exclusive discounts up to 85% off through Shopee app from March 1 to 17.

Torque, another brand participating at Shopee March Madness!

Shopee can be downloaded on Google Play and the App Store for free across the several countries including the Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and the Philippines.  For more information, please visit:

PS:  You can visit my Shopee online shop: nerisa_01 J

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tips for Your Kid’s Kidzania Manila Visit

Neo was so fortunate to be able to visit Kidzania Manila during his educational tour.  As most people know, Kidzania is like a mini town that kids can work and earn.  They can also spend their earning in leisurely activities and training. 

Neo wearing Kidzania’s badge.

Kidzania is a place that parents would love to bring their kids to.  This place will teach little kids responsibility and perseverance.  We only visited Kidzania twice already (we visited again after the educational tour), and I am really sure we would go back again because my little boy was just so happy with our visit.

Now, let me share some tips to make your kid’s Kidzania visit more worthwhile.

·         If you will visit Kidzania frequently, apply for a Pazzport.  It cost Php250, but your kid will earn more Kidzoos if they “work” and use less Kidzoos if they “spend”.  Kidzoos is Kidzania’s currency.  Also, don’t forget to have your kids open a BPI Savings Account to save their Kidzoos.  This teaches them how to save. 

·         Only kids are allowed to fall in line to try the activities.  Parents or guardians are not allowed to fall in line or reserve a spot for their kids.  So ask your kids to try the activities with shorter line first, to maximize the visit.  But ensure that your kid try the activity they like most.  This will make the visit more meaningful for them.

·         Kidzania is huge.  It sits in a 14 hectare land at BGC, Taguig.  Get a map of Kidzania prior to entering as it can help you locate the activities you like to try.  The map can be quite confusing, so don’t forget to ask for directions.  Staffs of Kidzania are very helpful.

·         Eat before going inside.  Bringing food and drinks inside are not allowed at Kidzania Manila.  There are a lot of food kiosks inside, but just to be sure, eat before going in.  Some sell food pricier than they would sell it outside of Kidzania. 

·         Bring extra cash.  Parents are not allowed inside activity areas, though some activity areas allow parents to sit-in during some days.  You can take pictures of your kids doing the activity if the area has a glass wall, but otherwise, there are official photographers who take nice photos.  But the nice photos cost Php250 per print (and digital copies are free online within 7 days).

·         Don’t feel bad if your kids weren’t able to try all the activities.  Kidzania has more than 50 activities (the most I can calculate), and you will not be able to try them all in 4 hours as one activity can take up almost 30 minutes including waiting in line.  You can always go back, so don’t feel pressured to try every activity in one visit.

·         Let your kids enjoy the visit as much as they can during their visit.  Don’t push them into doing the activities you as a parent will enjoy.  This make-believe town is for them.  Some kids may not be fortunate to go back again because let’s face it; Kidzania’s entrance fee is not at all cheap.  So let your little ones enjoy every minute of the visit.

Parents, I encourage you to bring your kids to Kidzania.  Your kids will be happy, I assure you.  Create memories with them as you teach them how it is in the big world.  As a popular tagline says: Minsan lang sila maging bata.

Friday, February 17, 2017

My First Educational Tour As A Chaperone

When I was still studying, one of the highlights of any school year I attended is the Field Trip (or Educational Trip as it is called now).  This is the time when kids go out of the school ground and bond with their classmates.  I remember being excited as I count down the days remaining for the Field Trip.  I remember packing a lot of essentials, and non-essentials, like extra clothes and snacks.  I remember waking up so early on the Field Trip day (because I wasn’t able to sleep properly due to excitement).  Those whole day trips brought so many memories.

Our little Neo is already on his third academic year.  This year marks his second time to attend an Educational Trip.  His first time was last year and it was his Papa who accompanied him.  We didn’t allow him to join the Educational Trip on his first school  year at the Barangay Day Care.

When his school administrator announced that they were going to Kidzania for this year’s Educational Trip, I volunteered to join him.  I was more excited than Neo! J  All those things I remembered during my own Field Trip: counting the days, packing essentials, and waking up early for the day, are the things I did because I was just so excited.

This is my first time to be a chaperone in an Educational Trip.  We only went to three (3) locations within the Metro:  Pasig Rain Forest at Pasig, Philippines Science Centrum at Marikina, and Kidzania at Taguig.  But it was a whole day of fun.  Neo and I bonded during that day and I want to be able to join him in all his succeeding educational trips. 

As a chaperone and as a mom of course, I need to take charge.  I need to make sure to bring a lot of the following.

Food and Water – I initially didn’t want to bring packed lunch as I was thinking of eating at a fastfood restaurant.  The hubby and Ate Espie contradicted as it would mean Neo and I will have to beat the crowd for food, so Ate Espie packed lunch for us.  And good thing she did as during the trip we took lunch on the bus.  Our packed lunch and water didn’t go amiss.

Money – As this trip is already paid in advance, I didn’t expect to spend but I still did.  At Kidzania, Neo wanted to buy his photo taken by the official photographer.  As I don’t want to say no, my pocket money didn’t go amiss.

Extra Clothes and Towels – Extra clothes and towels are always handy.  And extra plastic bags for emergencies. 

Identifications and Health Cards – Once out, chaperones need to be extra vigilant.  Kids tend to be extra active when they are with each other.  Don’t forget to bring identification for you and your kid.  It is also advisable to put a small piece of paper in your kid’s pocket that has your name and contact details.  Health cards are also advisable.

Patience and Energy – Bring as much patience and energy as you can with you as a chaperone.  You will need it.

These are some of the things I bought with me as a chaperone.  All of them came in handy.  Hope it helps you if you’re planning to be a chaperone the educational trip of your kid.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Celebrate Love Month at The Manila Hotel

It’s the time of the year again when people are reminded to celebrate love.  Yes folks, it’s the love month again.  Do you have anything planned for your special someone?  If not, let me share to you what The Manila Hotel is offering this month of romance and maybe you may want to experience it for your own.

The Presidential Suite of The Manila Hotel.  Photo from The Manila Hotel.

The Manila Hotel is one of the country’s most prestigious hotels.  It took up the challenge to help make the love month even more exciting and more memorable by launching special offerings that will enable you to create beautiful memories with your love ones.  The Manila Hotel has partnered with different luxury brands such as Rolls-Royce,, Jewelmer, Victoria's Secret, Christian Dior, Calligraffi Novelties, Jo Rubio, and Rachy Cuna in this endeavor.

There are several packages offered by The Manila Hotel for this month which can be seen here.  During the press launch, I was lucky enough to experience some of the things lovers can experience by booking the “Sky’s the Limit” package.  Let me show it to you.

The “Sky’s the Limit” package includes an overnight stay in the Presidential Suite of The Manila Hotel with His and Hers 24-hour butler attendant.

Presidential Suite Master’s Bedroom. 

The receiving area.  The Victoria’s Secret is part of the package. 

Jacuzzi overlooking Manila Bay. 

Hotel toiletries c/o Bvlgari. 

The package also includes a 15-minute helicopter ride around Manila Bay.  Where you can pop the question as this makes a perfect proposal setting. 

A five-course Chef’s table diner for two and His and Hers personalized wine glasses.  A harpist will also serenade you while dining.

Enjoy one-hour couple’s massage at the comforts of your own spa room inside the Presidential Suite.

Your very own spa room.

As a gift, the couple will receive the following: His and Hers cufflinks and stud earrings from Jewelmer, bespoke perfumes from Dior Parfums, made-to-measure His and Hers modern barong from Jo Rubio, romantic turn-down amenities from our skilled chocolatiers and a bouquet of Ecuadorian roses, and a photo opportunity with the Rolls-Royce car. 

Furthermore, a chauffeur-driven luxury car will be at the couple’s disposal and will take them to the hotel and to their home.

Now, you may be asking how much this package cost.  It’s Php1,000,000.00 nett per night from February 1 to 28, 2017.  But if this package is a little bit pricey for you, The Manila Hotel has come up with several packages for the love month.  You may visit their website for more information.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Shopee Celebrates Chinese New Year 2017

Last January 31st, Shopee held its Chinese New Year celebration at Lugang Café in Makati.  With over 3 million downloads in the Philippines alone, Shopee is now one of the leading mobile commerce platforms in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

What is Shopee?

Shopee is a mobile-first marketplace app in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.  Everyone can download, browse, shop, and sell using Shopee.  Shopee makes online shopping easy and secure through its strong logistical and payment support.

Shopee is the first mobile shopping platform in the Philippines that offers buyers and sellers Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery (COD) nationwide.

Last 2016, Shopee held 16 Shopee University sessions for sellers and its first ever Shopee Sellers’ Ball.

What to Expect on Shopee this 2017

This 2017, Shopee will be having a new and improved interface.  It will also have an expanded Free Shipping, Cash on Delivery, and Pick-up Nationwide.  Also, more payment options will be introduced this 2017.

Shopee can be downloaded on Google Play and the App Store for free across the several countries including the Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and the Philippines.  For more information, please visit:

PS:  You can visit my Shopee online shop: nerisa_01 J

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Blac Chyna Shares a Charming Photo with King Cairo and Dream in a Family Portrait

Blac Chyna couldn’t hide her happiness as she took to Instagram on Tuesday a heart-warming family portrait of her and her adorable kids, King Cairo, 4 years old, and Dream Kardashian, 2 months old. She completed the post with a caption “unconditional ”.

The 28-year-old Rob and Chyna reality star constantly shares videos and photos of her and her kiddos via Snapchat and Instagram.  Of course, who wouldn’t be proud to share photos and videos of their little ones, right? Family matters the most to us, so we completely understand why Chyna is always delighted to share a few more images of Dream and King Cairo for her fans to enjoy.

Chyna and fiancé Rob Kardashian, 29, welcomed the new addition to their family on November 10 and we can all agree that Dream is such an adorable, sweet little angel. Although Rob admitted he initially wanted a boy, he recently said that he was thankful and happy for his daughter.

Rob wrote on an Instagram post on Tuesday: “I wanted a boy so bad and now that I got my girl I am so Thankful and Happy for her and wouldn’t want it any other way!” I think it’s safe to say that the Kardashian family are overjoyed to have Dream on board. Congratulations to Rob and Chyna!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  All opinion are mine.   

Friday, February 3, 2017

A Working Mom's Guide to Weekend Bonding Moments with Kids

As a full time working mom, weekends are so important for me.  All working moms would agree with me that these two full days will not be spent in resting but more so in bonding with our kids. 

During the whole work week, moms like me who works in the corporate world let go of our family life and focus on our careers.  It is only during the weekend that we loosen the grip and be more carefree. 

Here are some guidelines that working moms can follow to have a more enjoyable weekend bonding time with our kids.

Let go of the Corporate Fashion.  During workweek, working moms need to dress in a corporate manner.  Neatly pressed blouses topped with coats, crisp looking skirts or slacks, and high heel shoes to complete the outfit.  Let go of these.  Change the blouses to a shirt or polo shirt for more comfortable hugging with your kids.  Change the skirts and slacks to denims and shorts for more physical activities with the little ones.  And trade in the high heel shoes to loafers or sneakers for more running activities with the kiddos.

Drop the To-Do List.   During the workweek, working moms need to have a to-do list every day.  This helps us be more organized, and not miss a single thing during the entire day or workweek.  Drop this during the weekend.  Bonding with your kids need not have a to-do list.  Be more carefree.  This will bring out the creativity in both you and your little ones.

Lessen the Time-Consciousness.  During the workweek, working moms need to be time-conscious.  Everything must be done within the given time frame.  No time to slack, no time to be relaxed.   Lessen the time-consciousness during the weekend.  After all, this is our time to be with our kids 24/7.

Listen More.  During the workweek, working moms especially those who are up in the corporate ladder are leaders.  We lead meetings, huddles, coaching, and trainings.  As such we are the primary speakers.  Our ideas are everywhere are we speak.  During weekends, it’s time we speak less and listen more.  Let us hear our kids’ ideas.  This is our chance to help build the leadership skills in them.   

Dismiss the Perfectionist Attitude. During the workweek, working moms wants everything perfect.  No room for mistakes, as a single one might cause us our jobs.  Dismiss the perfectionist attitude during the weekends.  Let us be more carefree, relaxed, and untroubled during the time we have with our kids.  Let our kids experience mistakes as they will learn from that.  Because whether they finish first, last, or not at all, to parents, their kids are the best.  So lets encourage our kids to learn from their mistakes. It helps them grow into life more confidently. 

This particular McDonald’s commercial is really close to heart.  It shows how bonding with our kids can greatly affect how they view things. 

As career women, we might want to let go of our career-driven attitudes during the weekends as we focus more on family time with our children.  Let our children be our sole priority during the weekends and let them feel that they are always loved.

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