Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tips for Your Kid’s Kidzania Manila Visit

Neo was so fortunate to be able to visit Kidzania Manila during his educational tour.  As most people know, Kidzania is like a mini town that kids can work and earn.  They can also spend their earning in leisurely activities and training. 

Neo wearing Kidzania’s badge.

Kidzania is a place that parents would love to bring their kids to.  This place will teach little kids responsibility and perseverance.  We only visited Kidzania twice already (we visited again after the educational tour), and I am really sure we would go back again because my little boy was just so happy with our visit.

Now, let me share some tips to make your kid’s Kidzania visit more worthwhile.

·         If you will visit Kidzania frequently, apply for a Pazzport.  It cost Php250, but your kid will earn more Kidzoos if they “work” and use less Kidzoos if they “spend”.  Kidzoos is Kidzania’s currency.  Also, don’t forget to have your kids open a BPI Savings Account to save their Kidzoos.  This teaches them how to save. 

·         Only kids are allowed to fall in line to try the activities.  Parents or guardians are not allowed to fall in line or reserve a spot for their kids.  So ask your kids to try the activities with shorter line first, to maximize the visit.  But ensure that your kid try the activity they like most.  This will make the visit more meaningful for them.

·         Kidzania is huge.  It sits in a 14 hectare land at BGC, Taguig.  Get a map of Kidzania prior to entering as it can help you locate the activities you like to try.  The map can be quite confusing, so don’t forget to ask for directions.  Staffs of Kidzania are very helpful.

·         Eat before going inside.  Bringing food and drinks inside are not allowed at Kidzania Manila.  There are a lot of food kiosks inside, but just to be sure, eat before going in.  Some sell food pricier than they would sell it outside of Kidzania. 

·         Bring extra cash.  Parents are not allowed inside activity areas, though some activity areas allow parents to sit-in during some days.  You can take pictures of your kids doing the activity if the area has a glass wall, but otherwise, there are official photographers who take nice photos.  But the nice photos cost Php250 per print (and digital copies are free online within 7 days).

·         Don’t feel bad if your kids weren’t able to try all the activities.  Kidzania has more than 50 activities (the most I can calculate), and you will not be able to try them all in 4 hours as one activity can take up almost 30 minutes including waiting in line.  You can always go back, so don’t feel pressured to try every activity in one visit.

·         Let your kids enjoy the visit as much as they can during their visit.  Don’t push them into doing the activities you as a parent will enjoy.  This make-believe town is for them.  Some kids may not be fortunate to go back again because let’s face it; Kidzania’s entrance fee is not at all cheap.  So let your little ones enjoy every minute of the visit.

Parents, I encourage you to bring your kids to Kidzania.  Your kids will be happy, I assure you.  Create memories with them as you teach them how it is in the big world.  As a popular tagline says: Minsan lang sila maging bata.


  1. I agree with all your tips. Twice pa lang din kami nakapunta and marami pa kami gusto i-try. Yung pilot, wala ko picture kasi hindi kita yung loob and hindi rin nakunan anak ko nung photographer. :(

    1. Sayang naman if Ethan has no picture sa pilot job. :(

  2. With the so many activities waiting for the kids, definitely even a four hour stay would not be enough for children to visit and experience them all. Yes, I agree that you need not be disappointed when you havent tried everything. The good thing is your kid should enjoy the experience. And looked like your Little Neo did enjoy.

    1. He did! As in sobrang enjoy! :)


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