Friday, March 24, 2017

Breakfast at Antonio’s for Lunch

Our family loves to go out during the weekend.  This is one way of for the hubby and me to shoo the stress away from the workweek and for us to bond with our little boy.  One of our favorite go-to places is Tagaytay as this place is somewhere close to where we live. 

Tagaytay is very famous for its breathtaking view of the Taal Volcano and its weather.  This town is also famous as it is home to a lot of nice hotels with bed and breakfast theme such as Balay Indang, Nurture Wellness Village, and Sonya’s Garden.  It is also home to a lot of restaurants offering delicious delicacies.  One of these restaurants is the famous Breakfast at Antonio’s.

We are fortunate to dine at Breakfast at Antonio’s one fine Saturday of October.  The restaurant has a homey feel.  It’s not so huge but the area feels like its spacious, this might be because the tables were spaced appropriately.

Breakfast at Antonio’s serves an all-day breakfast menu.  Below are what we had for lunch. 

We started with a Bread Basket @Php175.  The basket came with assorted breads and spreads.

The hubby ordered Baby Back Ribs @Php515.  The hubby said it taste delicious as he expected.  The serving was not small but the hubby has a huge appetite and was able to finish the meal immediately.  

I ordered Pork Sausages @Php380.  I chose bread and hash brown to partner with my sausages and had my eggs cooked sunny-side up.  The sausages and hash brown were delicious.  The eggs was quite okay tasting (I want my egg salty).  I wasn’t able to finish the bread as I think it was quite hard. 

We ordered Bacon for Neo @Php380.  We partnered it with rice and sunny-side up eggs.  Neo loved the rice and crispy bacon but didn’t like the eggs, so his Papa had to eat it for him.

For the bacon and sausage menu, we were asked to choose between: rice or hash brown and bread.  We were also asked how we wanted our eggs cooked.

Ate Espie ordered Roast Chicken @Php380.  This came with a large serving of chicken and fries.  The serving was so huge that we were able to take home some of it.

We ended our meal with Brownies as dessert @Php180.  The serving is good for one only and it was Neo who devoured it all. 

We spent some time at the back part of the restaurant where a small place was dedicated for guests to enjoy Tagaytay’s view and weather. 

As with all our Tagaytay adventure, we won’t go home without taking a picture of the Taal Volcano.  It’s like our way of capping the Tagaytay visit.  J  

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