Monday, March 20, 2017

Casa Nicarosa at Malate, Manila

Last year, we were fortunate to watch a football game live at the Philippine Arena in Bocaue, Bulacan.  This is place is really far from our home, and since the game starts at 8PM and would last for 3 to 4 hours, it is only logical to spend the night in a hotel.  But as a practical mom, I would not like to spend so much on an overnight accommodation as we won’t be maximizing our stay.

So I searched the internet for affordable place to stay overnight.  I used several online booking sites, and gave me the best rate for that night.  It’s a small inn in Malate, Manila area called Casa Nicarosa.  I have credits and I used it to book our stay.

We arrived at Casa Nicarosa almost 1AM the following day.  There was only one guard in the entrance guarding the small driveway leading to the inn’s parking space, which was surprisingly spacious.  We rang in reception bell to call the lone attendant.  Since it was past midnight, we didn’t have any problems in checking in.

Christmas decors since it was Christmas season that time. 

Our room was really spacious.  It looks like a condo unit with one bedroom.  The room has a living area with sofa and center table.  It also has a dining area with a four seater dining set.  It has a lavatory where you can wash dishes. 

Now we go to the bedroom that has a queen size bed, a dresser, a cabinet, a small LED TV, air-conditioning unit. 

Please excuse the little boy as he was asleep when we checked in. 

The bathroom is inside the bedroom.  It is clean with towels, and some toiletries such as soap and shampoo.  It also has hot and cold water.

I would really recommend this place for overnight stay if in case you need one.  Not for staycation, of course; but for a more practical one such as what we needed that time.  The overnight stay cost us Php1314.oo.  Very cheap, right?  And because we used credits from, we only paid Php52.oo in cash!  And that is what I will be blogging about next time. J

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