Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Thing I Like Most About 7/11 RUN 2017

Most moms like me have little to no time left to exercise.  With all the duties and responsibilities we need to work on, exercising will always take a back seat.  We will always prioritize other things than exercise.  The only exercise I get to do these days is walking, which takes up around 15 to 30 minutes a day – and I know this is not enough. 

Joining fun runs has always been a thing I like.  This is a time for me to run (or walk) long distance and reflect while exercising in the morning.  One of the fun runs I like is the 7/11 Run.  The first time I joined this fun run was last 2016 and I know I wouldn’t miss the succeeding runs.

Why do I like the 7/11 Run 2017?  Because just as the previous 7/11 Runs, the 2017 run did not disappoint.  7/11 Run has:

·         finisher shirts and finisher medals to all runners.
·         the most number of sponsors.
·         free food (rice porridge and coffee) for all participants.  Some sponsors give out free food too. 

Groceries? Nah. These are from the 7/11 Run 2017 sponsors. 

But what I like most was the activity after the event.  I have attended quiet a number of fun runs (so the point of my comparison are those I fun runs I have attended), and 7/11 Run has an event after the fun run itself.  You get to visit different sponsors’ booth and try different activities.  You get to participate in the event’s program which starts the moment 7/11 Run starts (super early in the morning).  And since the activity runs for more than 6 hours (I assume) and there are a lot of participants, you get to see faces of friends who joined the run – faces you only see in facebook which makes the 7/11 Run a good venue for seeing old friends.  So I’m making sure to join the 7/11 Run 2018, if in case they will have another round. 

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