Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Baby Company’s Baby Gear Sale 2017

Shopping has always been a therapy for women.  Do you agree?  Well, this is very true at least for me.  Shopping for clothes, shoes, and bags kicks off stress and acts as an anti-depressant.  Even when you become a mom, the shopping never stopped.  You become a more practical shopper – you shop less for yourself and shop more for your baby! J

Baby Company, one of the country’s go-to stores when it comes to baby needs, is holding its Baby Gear Sale from April 3 to 30, 2017.  Aside from the word shopping, moms like me love to hear another word.  Sale. 

And because a sale seems to draw me to a shop like a magnet, I visited SM City Trece Martires, one of the malls closest to me which has a Baby Company store.  

Now let me show you some of the items they have in sale and the items I like most.

Baby Company’s Baby Gear Sale offers as much as 50% discount on select strollers, baby carriers, and car seats.  Brands such as MacLaren, Chicco, Safety 1st, Apruva, Aprica, Baby First, and Graco are participants of the Baby Gear Sale.  Chicco also offers free Chicco Hippo Gym if you reach a minimum of Php6000 single-receipt purchase.  A Graco Baby Tub or Diaper Bag is also free when you buy a select Graco stroller.

Strollers at 10% off! 

Walkers at 10-20% discount!

Now let me show you my top picks.  This Graco car seat is on the top of my list of must buy.  Original price is almost Php4000, but is on sale for only Php1650!   So mommies close to SM City Trece Martires, grab it now!

Another one I like is the Pockit Compact Stroller.  This will really be on my to-buy list when I have my next baby.  It’s not on sale yet (I will be waiting when they will put this on sale) and it cost Php10,000.  It’s very compact that you can even hand carry it on airplanes!  Very travel friendly.

This Apruva Hip Seat Carrier is part of my top picks.  This is very practical as hip seat can carry babies until they are 36 months, unlike normal carriers which can only carry babies until 1 year of age.  It cost Php1,899.  We bought this. 

I also love this diaper bag, because it looks very sturdy and it doesn’t look like it’s a diaper bag.  It’s from Carter’s and it cost Php699. 

Nursing and feeding items are also on sale for up to 30% off!  Baby Company offers different brands that cater to various people.  There’s Nuby, Avent, Pigeon, Dr. Brown, Disney Baby, Ainon, and a lot more.  There are a lot to choose from.

Nuby at 30% off! 

There are also several selected baby products that are on sale other than the baby gears and nursing and feeding items.

Washcloth from Php299 to Php150!
Three pairs non-slip socks 
from Php199 to Php100!

Cleaning aides (bottle cleanser and 
laundry detergent).
For taking care of our babies’ teeth. 

And here’s what I bought during my visit.  Carter’s diaper bag, Apruva Hip Seat Baby Carrier, Johnson’s Baby Powder, Johnsons Baby Oil, Baby Clean cotton rounds, Lactacyd (because Baby Company sells items for moms too), and Giggles Baby Wipes (because as moms, we can’t have enough baby wipes! Plus it’s on sale too, 2 packs for Php160 J). 

Now that I have shown you these sale items, I know mommies and daddies are very excited to go to Baby Company and shop for their little ones.  All Baby Company stores are participating in the Baby Gear Sale except Hypermarket branches.   

For more information about the Baby Gear Sale of the Baby Company, visit their website or follow them on their social media sites: www.facebook.com/BabyCompanyPH , www.twitter.com/BabyCompanyPH and, www.instagram.com/BabyCompanyPH

PS:  Do buy a Mom Card too.  I did.  It costs Php100.  It will earn you points per purchase just like the SM Advantage card, but will earn you twice as much point when you buy from the Baby Company.

PPS: All these items I posted are from SM City Trece Martires, so if you are eyeing one of these sale items, I suggest you visit them. J

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post.  However, all opinions and personal choices are mine.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Press Release: Kid’s Fair 2017 – Bright! Right From The Start! + A Giveaway!

The brightest event for our little ones is here.  Kid’s Fair 2017: Bright! Right from the Start! is happening on April 21-23, 2017 from 10AM to 7PM at SM Megatrade Hall 1, Mandaluyong City.

The first ever Kid’s Fair 2017 is an event that aims to set an environment of discovery, learning, and fun for kids with different activities that could help them improve their creative and thinking skills.  Fun begins the moment your little kids enter the event as it is filled with games to stimulate creativity, problem-solving skills, and sportsmanship.

Moms and Dads, Grandparents and Guardians will also enjoy the fair as activities are made to be a family affair.  Kid’s Fair 2017 actively involves the whole family by halping them learn to provide the proper learning path for their kids that will help build children’s solid foundation.

A Child Check-Up lounge is also available at the Kid’s Fair which offers medical and health assessment and advices from reputable Child Psychologists.  Parents, you will get to find out if your kid is either analytical or creative by the “Left-brain, Right-brain Dominance Assessment”.

Kid’s Fair is produced and organized by Artiste Space to provide a cheerful event for kids and their families.  Kid’s Fair 2017 aims to promote proper childhood development that fosters joy and harmony at home and in school.  This event is made possible by SM Megatrade Hall, Wyeth, and When In Manila.

Mark your calendar for this event!  Baby Neos’ Mama will be giving away passes for the Kid’s Fair event.  Just follow me on facebook to see how. J


Here are the winners of tickets for Kid's Fair: Bright Right From The Start!

Congratulations! You each won 2 tickets.  Please send me your name, the name of your companion, and the day of your visit so I can forward it to the organizers. ☺

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Neo at McDonald’s Kiddie Crew 2017 Media Launch

Hello April! Its summer and classes are already over.  Most of us moms are checking what activities to enroll our little kids.  This is their time to unwind and recharge for the next school year.  Last year, we enrolled Neo to summer classes and swimming classes too.  It was a really fun way to balance the academic and sports side of this little boy.  This year, we have yet to think on what activity to enroll him.  Good thing, McDonald's invited us to the Media Launch of McDonald’s Kiddie Crew 2017.

The McDonald’s Kiddie Crew 2017 media launch was held at McDonald’s Frontera Verde, Pasig.  McDonald’s Kiddie Crew is the yearly summer activity of McDonald’s wherein little kids are given a chance to learn the ins and outs of the famous fast food chain in a 5-day workshop.  It is now on its 25th year anniversary.  The Sotto brothers, the newest ambassadors of the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew were also present to grace the event.

The Sotto brothers, newest ambassadors of McDonald’s Kiddie Crew. 

Little kids, Neo included, who attended the launch were given a chance to experience what kids will expect on the McDonald's Kiddie Crew workshop.  

Neo and Mama, with Mama and Papa’s 
former dorm mate, Tita Jessa, who happens work for McDonalds! J 

What Will Kids Do in McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop?

In the 5-day workshop, little kids will learn how to deliver good customer service by greeting customers in the lobby and in the dining area…

Kids getting instructions on how to greet customers. 

They will also learn how to distribute food and learn how Drive-Thru work…

They will also learn how to be in the Front Counter and receive orders…

They will also learn how to make burgers, and sundaes too…

While learning all these tasks, little kids get to learn the value of teamwork, hard work, discipline, as well as sharing and responsibility.

How Much Does the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop Cost?

Registration is Php650.00 and inclusive of:

·         T-Shirt
·         Cap
·         Bag
·         ID with lace
·         Chef’s hat
·         Apron
·         Certificate of Completion
·         Completion Button pins
·         Workshop materials
·         5-day workshop meals

What Are The Schedules of the Workshop and Where is it Available?

McDonald’s Kiddie Crew is a weekly workshop.  Week1 started last March 20-24, 2017.  It will run for 10 weeks, thus the last week will be on May 29-June2, 2017.  

McDonald’s Kiddie Crew is available in over 400 participating McDonald’s store nationwide.

So Mommies and Daddies, enroll your kids at McDonald’s Kiddie Crew workshop now for a fun learning summer activity.  For more information, visit McDonald’s Kiddie Crew website

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sun Life Announces Partnership With Fitness First

GoWell, Sun Life’s health and wellness community, launched last October 2016.  It actively promotes holistic wellness through a fit and active lifestyle, eating healthy, and living a balanced life.  GoWell’s website, www.gowell.com.ph, offers wellness and fitness content with articles from experts; while community workouts and fitness classes are also offered to its members.

Last week, Sun Life’s GoWell announced its partnership with one of the country’s premiere health club, Fitness First.  This is an initiative to help more Filipinos get on track with their health and wellness goals through GoWell program.

With this partnership, group classes at select Fitness First branches will be offered to GoWell Gold members for free.  Community workouts will also be organized jointly by Sun Life GoWell and Fitness First.  Also, a series of workout videos featuring GoWell ambassador Bubbles Paraiso and Fitness First ambassador Chris Everingham will be released regularly for the rest of the year through the GoWell website and social media to encourage more people in getting fit.

Photo from Sun Life’s facebook page. 

But apart from health and wellness, the partnership will also promote financial literacy.  Select Fitness First members will receive Personal Accident insurance from Sun Life.  Also, financial literacy sessions will be conducted for Fitness First instructors.

Join Sun Life’s GoWell community, access tips and articles from experts, and avail of perks and rewards that come with free membership.  Log on to www.gowell.com.ph and create an account for free!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Kidzania Manila ~ Part 2

This post is a continuation of Neo’s adventure at Kidzania Manila.  Since the first time we visited, both Neo and I felt that we needed to be back and explore more of Kidzania Manila, so we went back again.

This time around, Neo opened a savings account at BPI Kidzania branch to put all his savings so Mama don’t need to keep the Kidzoos at home.  We also applied for a PaZZport for Neo costing PHp250.  Pazzport earns Neo extra 2 Kidzoos when he works, and discounts 2 Kidzoos when he spends.

Neo first joined Paskong Kai Saya activity.  All he has to do is give a gift to a select Bantay Bata kid.  He was tasked to wrap the gift.  As a thank you, Kidzania allows the giver (Neo) to get as much goodies from the sponsors for himself as he in can in 20 seconds.

Here are the establishments Neo entered on his second visit.

Construction Worker at Kidzania’s Construction site.  Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 10 Kidzoos (8+2).  This is Neo’s first job on his second visit.  Here, he was taught how to build walls.  Kids were tasked to construct walls brick by brick.  The wall he made was not as polished as the other kids, but he was okay with it.

Window Washer at Kidzania’s Construction site.  Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 8 Kidzoos (6+2).  This is one job Neo wanted to try during his first visit, but wasn’t able to.  So in his second visit, he made sure to line up for this.  This was a very simple job and the kids were only asked to clean the windows.  Our little boy was humming while washing the windows assigned to him.  He seems happy.

Fire Fighter at Kidzania’s Fire Department.  Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 12 Kidzoos (10+2). One of the “favorite” jobs as evident by the long line of kids wanting to experience it.  Here they were taught the basics of being a firefighter in a seminar.  Then they were given a hands-on experience on how to be a firefighter.  They rode a fire truck, rush to the burning hotel, and put out the fire.  Our little boy was one brave fire fighter!

Burger Chef at McDonald's.  Spent ~ 10 Kidzoos (12-2) / Earned ~ 0 Kidzoos. Here, kids get to cook/create a cheese burger.  They were given all the ingredients and a cooking area of their own.  Our little boy was so excited at the thought of creating his own burger that he poured a lot of mustard in his burger.  The kids get to take home and eat their own burger.  The little boy said his burger tasted delicious. :S

Car Designer at Honda Cars. Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 8 Kidzoos (6+2).   Since Neo is still young to be able to get a driver’s license (by Kidzania standard), he lined up to design his own car instead.

He designed a very fast car kaya blurred. :P

Police at Kidzania’s Police Department. Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 12 Kidzoos (10+2). This job has two components, mainly solving a crime and patrolling the streets.  Neo was assigned to patrolling the streets batch.  Funny was, the kids were asked to look tough.  The staff even told them: Ang mga pulis ay seryoso at hindi tumatawa. 

Paramedic at St Luke’s Emergency Room.  Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 12 Kidzoos (10+2).  This is also one of the “favorite” jobs.  The job has a seminar part and a hands-on part.  Kids were asked to listen to the seminar and they were given a chance to ride in a ambulance to help in giving first aid to an emergency situation. 

Hotdog Maker at Purefoods. Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 7 Kidzoos (5+2).   This job gives kids the idea of how hotdogs are made.  They were also treated to a hotdog after.

Salad Chef at Lady’s Choice. Spent ~ 13 Kidzoos (15-2) / Earned ~ 0 Kidzoos.  This job allows kids to be salad chefs.  Here, kids create a macaroni salad and they get to bring home their salads for them to enjoy and for their parents to be proud of.

Yummy macaroni salad that the little boy made. 

Ice Cream Chef at Magnolia’s. Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 7 Kidzoos (5+2).   This job gives kids the idea of how ice creams are made.  They were also treated to a cup of ice cream after. (PS: No pictures on this job as Papa and Mama are so tired we just took a video).

Neo’s second visit to Kidzania was a very fruitful one.  He enjoyed a lot of jobs, earned a lot of Kidzoos, spent some in activities he likes, and saves the remaining Kidzoos for his next visit.  He is one happy kid J

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Kidzania Manila ~ Part 1

Neo was so fortunate to visit Kidzania twice already.  His first time was for his school’s education tour.  Kidzania has a lot of establishments.  You kid will earn Kidzoos in some activities if they work.  They will spend Kidzoos in some activities for leisure too.  Just like in the real world.  You earn, you spend too.

Here are the activities that Neo was able to try during his first visit. 

Customer at BPI.  Spent ~ 0 Kidzooz / Earned ~ 0 Kidzoos.  Upon entrance to Kidzania, kids are given a check worth 50 Kidzoos which they can encash to Kidzoos at BPI Kidzania branch.  They will have have to line up to wait for their turn.  They can also apply for a BPI savings account (Neo did on his second visit) to save their Kidzoos.

Delivery Kid at LBC.  Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 8 Kidzoos.  Neo’s very first job is being a delivery kid at LBC.  Here, he was taught how delivery men work.  His assignment was to pick up packages from different establishments and deliver it at the LBC booth.

Electrician at Kidzania’s Construction Site.  Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 8 Kidzoos.  Neo’s next job was an electrician at Kidzania’s Construction site.  I wasn’t sure what they did as they entered the site and went up to the second floor.  I’m guessing they were taught how electrician works…? LOL

Snack Taster at Jack ‘n Jill.  Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 5 Kidzoos.  This is Neo’s third job – and quite a funny one.  The job is to learn the different tastes of Jack ‘n Jill snacks and to learn how they are made.  Neo is the youngest in the group and he wasn’t paying much attention, except when it’s his turn to taste the snacks.   

Pilot in Training at the Aviation Academy of Cebu Pacific.  Spent ~ 15 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 0 Kidzoos.  This is Neo’s first spending.  He really wanted to try being a pilot and even though the queue to enter the Aviation Academy of Cebu Pacific is too long, he patiently waited.  The area is enclosed so I just waited outside with no picture of him being a Pilot.  He was all smiles when he went out.  I guess he had a nice experience inside.  He even asked he to buy his souvenir photo taken in the cockpit.

Gasoline Boy at Shell.  Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 6 Kidzoos. Being a car enthusiast, Neo really wanted to try driving.  But only kids 6 years old above can… and since he was still 4 then, all he can do is assist the drivers as a gasoline boy.  He was taught how to be an excellent gasoline boy at Shell.  He not only put gasoline in the cars but also wipe the car clean.  Excellent service!

Chemist at Pascual Laboratories.  Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 5 Kidzoos. Neo’s last job on our first visit was being a chemist at Pascual Laboratories.  Here he was taught how medicines and vitamins are made.  He was made to taste citric juices and taught how operate the machines making the medicines.

The little boy was so tired on his first visit but he was so happy that he really wanted to go back again…soon. 

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