Saturday, April 1, 2017

Kidzania Manila ~ Part 1

Neo was so fortunate to visit Kidzania twice already.  His first time was for his school’s education tour.  Kidzania has a lot of establishments.  You kid will earn Kidzoos in some activities if they work.  They will spend Kidzoos in some activities for leisure too.  Just like in the real world.  You earn, you spend too.

Here are the activities that Neo was able to try during his first visit. 

Customer at BPI.  Spent ~ 0 Kidzooz / Earned ~ 0 Kidzoos.  Upon entrance to Kidzania, kids are given a check worth 50 Kidzoos which they can encash to Kidzoos at BPI Kidzania branch.  They will have have to line up to wait for their turn.  They can also apply for a BPI savings account (Neo did on his second visit) to save their Kidzoos.

Delivery Kid at LBC.  Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 8 Kidzoos.  Neo’s very first job is being a delivery kid at LBC.  Here, he was taught how delivery men work.  His assignment was to pick up packages from different establishments and deliver it at the LBC booth.

Electrician at Kidzania’s Construction Site.  Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 8 Kidzoos.  Neo’s next job was an electrician at Kidzania’s Construction site.  I wasn’t sure what they did as they entered the site and went up to the second floor.  I’m guessing they were taught how electrician works…? LOL

Snack Taster at Jack ‘n Jill.  Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 5 Kidzoos.  This is Neo’s third job – and quite a funny one.  The job is to learn the different tastes of Jack ‘n Jill snacks and to learn how they are made.  Neo is the youngest in the group and he wasn’t paying much attention, except when it’s his turn to taste the snacks.   

Pilot in Training at the Aviation Academy of Cebu Pacific.  Spent ~ 15 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 0 Kidzoos.  This is Neo’s first spending.  He really wanted to try being a pilot and even though the queue to enter the Aviation Academy of Cebu Pacific is too long, he patiently waited.  The area is enclosed so I just waited outside with no picture of him being a Pilot.  He was all smiles when he went out.  I guess he had a nice experience inside.  He even asked he to buy his souvenir photo taken in the cockpit.

Gasoline Boy at Shell.  Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 6 Kidzoos. Being a car enthusiast, Neo really wanted to try driving.  But only kids 6 years old above can… and since he was still 4 then, all he can do is assist the drivers as a gasoline boy.  He was taught how to be an excellent gasoline boy at Shell.  He not only put gasoline in the cars but also wipe the car clean.  Excellent service!

Chemist at Pascual Laboratories.  Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 5 Kidzoos. Neo’s last job on our first visit was being a chemist at Pascual Laboratories.  Here he was taught how medicines and vitamins are made.  He was made to taste citric juices and taught how operate the machines making the medicines.

The little boy was so tired on his first visit but he was so happy that he really wanted to go back again…soon. 


  1. We like Kidzania too. We don't have a souvenir photo sa pilot activity. Wala nagtake ng picture sa loob so I guess magpilot ulit kami next visit namin.

    1. Every kid would really love to go to Kidzania. I would love to bring Neo back again.


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