Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Kidzania Manila ~ Part 2

This post is a continuation of Neo’s adventure at Kidzania Manila.  Since the first time we visited, both Neo and I felt that we needed to be back and explore more of Kidzania Manila, so we went back again.

This time around, Neo opened a savings account at BPI Kidzania branch to put all his savings so Mama don’t need to keep the Kidzoos at home.  We also applied for a PaZZport for Neo costing PHp250.  Pazzport earns Neo extra 2 Kidzoos when he works, and discounts 2 Kidzoos when he spends.

Neo first joined Paskong Kai Saya activity.  All he has to do is give a gift to a select Bantay Bata kid.  He was tasked to wrap the gift.  As a thank you, Kidzania allows the giver (Neo) to get as much goodies from the sponsors for himself as he in can in 20 seconds.

Here are the establishments Neo entered on his second visit.

Construction Worker at Kidzania’s Construction site.  Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 10 Kidzoos (8+2).  This is Neo’s first job on his second visit.  Here, he was taught how to build walls.  Kids were tasked to construct walls brick by brick.  The wall he made was not as polished as the other kids, but he was okay with it.

Window Washer at Kidzania’s Construction site.  Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 8 Kidzoos (6+2).  This is one job Neo wanted to try during his first visit, but wasn’t able to.  So in his second visit, he made sure to line up for this.  This was a very simple job and the kids were only asked to clean the windows.  Our little boy was humming while washing the windows assigned to him.  He seems happy.

Fire Fighter at Kidzania’s Fire Department.  Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 12 Kidzoos (10+2). One of the “favorite” jobs as evident by the long line of kids wanting to experience it.  Here they were taught the basics of being a firefighter in a seminar.  Then they were given a hands-on experience on how to be a firefighter.  They rode a fire truck, rush to the burning hotel, and put out the fire.  Our little boy was one brave fire fighter!

Burger Chef at McDonald's.  Spent ~ 10 Kidzoos (12-2) / Earned ~ 0 Kidzoos. Here, kids get to cook/create a cheese burger.  They were given all the ingredients and a cooking area of their own.  Our little boy was so excited at the thought of creating his own burger that he poured a lot of mustard in his burger.  The kids get to take home and eat their own burger.  The little boy said his burger tasted delicious. :S

Car Designer at Honda Cars. Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 8 Kidzoos (6+2).   Since Neo is still young to be able to get a driver’s license (by Kidzania standard), he lined up to design his own car instead.

He designed a very fast car kaya blurred. :P

Police at Kidzania’s Police Department. Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 12 Kidzoos (10+2). This job has two components, mainly solving a crime and patrolling the streets.  Neo was assigned to patrolling the streets batch.  Funny was, the kids were asked to look tough.  The staff even told them: Ang mga pulis ay seryoso at hindi tumatawa. 

Paramedic at St Luke’s Emergency Room.  Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 12 Kidzoos (10+2).  This is also one of the “favorite” jobs.  The job has a seminar part and a hands-on part.  Kids were asked to listen to the seminar and they were given a chance to ride in a ambulance to help in giving first aid to an emergency situation. 

Hotdog Maker at Purefoods. Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 7 Kidzoos (5+2).   This job gives kids the idea of how hotdogs are made.  They were also treated to a hotdog after.

Salad Chef at Lady’s Choice. Spent ~ 13 Kidzoos (15-2) / Earned ~ 0 Kidzoos.  This job allows kids to be salad chefs.  Here, kids create a macaroni salad and they get to bring home their salads for them to enjoy and for their parents to be proud of.

Yummy macaroni salad that the little boy made. 

Ice Cream Chef at Magnolia’s. Spent ~ 0 Kidzoos / Earned ~ 7 Kidzoos (5+2).   This job gives kids the idea of how ice creams are made.  They were also treated to a cup of ice cream after. (PS: No pictures on this job as Papa and Mama are so tired we just took a video).

Neo’s second visit to Kidzania was a very fruitful one.  He enjoyed a lot of jobs, earned a lot of Kidzoos, spent some in activities he likes, and saves the remaining Kidzoos for his next visit.  He is one happy kid J

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