Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Neo at McDonald’s Kiddie Crew 2017 Media Launch

Hello April! Its summer and classes are already over.  Most of us moms are checking what activities to enroll our little kids.  This is their time to unwind and recharge for the next school year.  Last year, we enrolled Neo to summer classes and swimming classes too.  It was a really fun way to balance the academic and sports side of this little boy.  This year, we have yet to think on what activity to enroll him.  Good thing, McDonald's invited us to the Media Launch of McDonald’s Kiddie Crew 2017.

The McDonald’s Kiddie Crew 2017 media launch was held at McDonald’s Frontera Verde, Pasig.  McDonald’s Kiddie Crew is the yearly summer activity of McDonald’s wherein little kids are given a chance to learn the ins and outs of the famous fast food chain in a 5-day workshop.  It is now on its 25th year anniversary.  The Sotto brothers, the newest ambassadors of the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew were also present to grace the event.

The Sotto brothers, newest ambassadors of McDonald’s Kiddie Crew. 

Little kids, Neo included, who attended the launch were given a chance to experience what kids will expect on the McDonald's Kiddie Crew workshop.  

Neo and Mama, with Mama and Papa’s 
former dorm mate, Tita Jessa, who happens work for McDonalds! J 

What Will Kids Do in McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop?

In the 5-day workshop, little kids will learn how to deliver good customer service by greeting customers in the lobby and in the dining area…

Kids getting instructions on how to greet customers. 

They will also learn how to distribute food and learn how Drive-Thru work…

They will also learn how to be in the Front Counter and receive orders…

They will also learn how to make burgers, and sundaes too…

While learning all these tasks, little kids get to learn the value of teamwork, hard work, discipline, as well as sharing and responsibility.

How Much Does the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop Cost?

Registration is Php650.00 and inclusive of:

·         T-Shirt
·         Cap
·         Bag
·         ID with lace
·         Chef’s hat
·         Apron
·         Certificate of Completion
·         Completion Button pins
·         Workshop materials
·         5-day workshop meals

What Are The Schedules of the Workshop and Where is it Available?

McDonald’s Kiddie Crew is a weekly workshop.  Week1 started last March 20-24, 2017.  It will run for 10 weeks, thus the last week will be on May 29-June2, 2017.  

McDonald’s Kiddie Crew is available in over 400 participating McDonald’s store nationwide.

So Mommies and Daddies, enroll your kids at McDonald’s Kiddie Crew workshop now for a fun learning summer activity.  For more information, visit McDonald’s Kiddie Crew website

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