Thursday, May 4, 2017

Japan 2017: Maximizing The Osaka Amazing Pass ~ Day 2

On our second day in Osaka, we still used the Osaka Amazing Pass as we bought a two-day pass.  If you bought the two-day Osaka Amazing Pass, you have to use it for consecutive days.  Here are the tourist attractions we went to on our second day.

Tenjinbashi-Suji Shopping Street

The first stop listed in our itinerary for our second day at Osaka is to visit the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living.  I have read nice reviews about this museum.  Unfortunately, the museum was closed that day.  We don’t have anything to do, as our itinerary for the whole day was blocked off for the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living.  Good thing, Tenjinbashi-Suji Shopping Street is located on the same street that the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living is. 

Long walk ahead. 

We spent our morning walking this shopping street.  Here you will find a lot of different Japan street foods, souvenir items, and a lot more as this street is a sprawling 2.6km long.  Oh, yes.  We walked this street from point A to point B.  We spent more than an hour walking, and checking items at Tenjinbashi-Suji Shopping Street.  There is no entrance fee, but prepare for shopping money ;)

We followed the long line of people buying this food 
that we don’t know what.  But it’s delicious. 

Osaka Science Museum

As our morning schedule was not followed, we browsed through the Osaka Amazing Pass guide map to check what other tourist attractions we can visit.  We decided to visit the Osaka Science Museum.  Entrance fee for this attraction is JPY400.

There are a lot of mind boggling things you can see and learn at the Osaka Science Museum; some of them you can see in the science museums here in the Philippines, but most are not.  They have a lot of interactive activities little kids can enjoy.


Just across Osaka Science Museum is the National Museum of Art, Osaka.  It offers group discount when you use the Osaka Amazing Pass. 

Hep 5 Ferris Wheel

Hep 5 Ferris Wheel is a located on top of Hep 5 Shopping Mall.  It offers a good view of the city of Osaka.  Entrance fee per person is JPY500.

Ferris Wheel at the top of a mall.  

Our little boy was a so amazed in this Ferris Wheel as it has a view of the Osaka Castle, a tourist spot familiar to him. 

Sega Joypolis

Joypolis is an indoor play area located at Hep5 Mall in Osaka (Joypolis has branches in other Japan cities).  It has a lot of games to choose from.  We stayed for less than an hour just for Neo to enjoy the place. 

Umeda Sky Building Observatory

One of Osaka’s famous tourist attractions is the Umeda Sky Building Observatory.  Here you can have a great view of the city of Osaka.  Entrance fee costs JPY1000.  We didn’t do so much in this place except take pictures, and relax in the many comfortable seats inside the observatory – we can’t really stay outside for too long as it was so cold.

Part of what you can see at the Umeda Sky Building Observatory. 
Love locks you can see at the Observatory. 
Elevator going down… 

There you have it.  These are all the tourist spots we visited using the Osaka Amazing Pass.  We would love to try the other tourist attractions too, especially trying the onsen, the natural hot spring, as Osaka Amazing Pass gives access to two different onsens, however, our schedule was really tight so sadly, we weren’t able to visit one.   

The Osaka Amazing Pass saved us a lot of money.  It also gave us a good guide on where to go and what to see in Osaka.  So when you visit Osaka, go and buy one too. J


  1. Wow at the ferris wheel and the observatory! The observatory, number 1! Naiimagine kong nakatayo jan habang tinitingnan lang ang paligid. Such an amazing creation! I hope we'll be able to visit one day as well.

  2. Looks like the Osaka Amazing Pass lives up to its name. Haha! It really is amazing coz it allowed you to visit so many places. Sulit!

  3. That observatory looks great place to go for every tourists... will surely visit the place if I able to visit Japan

  4. Ang galing naman ng Osaka Amazing Pass! Nakakatipid ka at marami kang mapupuntahan. May expiration din ba ito? Ang cute at pogi ng anak mo sis.

  5. Osaka Amazing Pass is such a steal. Thanks for mentioning this, gives me an idea of our itinerary once in Japan. Surely the little man enjoyed every single place. Hope he remembers it as he grows.

  6. I wanna go to Japan :(( Was supposed to go this June but something came up so we had to cancel. Will check the Amazing Pass on our next trip there :)

  7. That is one big Ferris wheel! You really have to hand it to the Japanese. The Osaka Amazing Pass is indeed a steal, too bad lang na you weren't able to check out the museum and try the onsen. That must have been an experience.

  8. So sulit the Osaka Amazing pass! I'll check back on your post the next time we have a Japan trip coming up. Hopefully, soon!


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