Friday, May 26, 2017

Press Release: Tiny Buds Opens 1st Pop Up Store in Glorietta

Last May 21 (Sunday), Tiny Buds™ opens its first pop up store in Glorietta 3.  This is a celebrated milestone as it is Tiny Buds™ first ever mall location store.  This pop up store serves as a home for all natural items for bath essentials, skin care, tooth care, and home cleaners.  The pop up store will be open until February 2018.

Tiny Buds™ is a natural baby care line well-loved for thoughtful natural alternatives to everyday baby products such as baby powder made entirely from rice, diaper cream that soothes rashes with berries instead of petroleum and even gentle laundry products made from coconut.

Tiny Buds™ pop up store is a place where parents can have an engaging experience every time they visit.  Customers can try each item, learn about the benefits and even have their orders delivered to their homes for free! 

The most notable feature of the Tiny Buds™ pop up store, though it is small in size, it aims to make a big impact in the environment.  As part of the Tiny Buds™ can Save the World campaign which started on their website , Tiny Buds™ pledges to donate a portion of all proceeds from the pop up store and the website to support WWF’s Environment Conservation Programs.

Each time a customer purchases an item on Tiny Buds™ ‘s website, a corresponding number of Tiny Buds™ points will be donated.  Every month, the points on the site represent how big the donation will be.  This is how each Tiny Buds™ can save the world.

Tiny Buds™ believes that now, more than ever, being a responsible parent means making choices that are nourishing not only for your child, but also for the world they will grow up in.  IN planting these seeds, Tiny Buds™ hopes to empower parents and remind them that every tiny step will impact the world and steer it towards a greener future.

The Tiny Buds Pop Up store located inside POP by Retail Lab on the 2nd Floor of Glorietta Mall 3, it will be open until Feb 2018. Tiny Buds™ items can also be found in Baby Company, Robinsons, Mercury Drug, Rustans, Landmark, Savemore, Waltermart, Lazada, Shopee and more. Learn more about Tiny Buds™ online: , Facebook, and Instagram.

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