Thursday, June 8, 2017

Neo’s Summer Activity 2017: McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop

The last week of April 2017 was quite a busy one for Neo.  This little boy is attending summer classes at school (he was really excited about going to school, and I wish this excitement would last) and McDonald’s was very generous in sponsoring another summer activity for him – being a part of McDonald’s Kiddie Crew.

Neo already had an idea of what he will do in the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew workshop as he was able to experience it at the Kiddie Crew 2017 Media Launch – and he was excited.  He was assigned at McDonald’s Manggahan, General Trias.  Let me give you a run through of what he did for the whole week.

Day 1 was dedicated to introductions and customer relations.

Day 2 was the time the little kiddie crews experienced being part of the counter area and be cashiers.  They were also tasked to create their own sundae. 

Day 3 was when the kiddie crews went to the cooking area.  This time, they were tasked to make their own cheeseburgers.

Day 4 and Day 5 was when these little kids were taught how to showcase their talents.  They were given a chance to sing and dance.

The graduation day for McDonald’s Manggahan, General Trias was held on a Saturday.  This was a very happy day for the kids who participated as they were treated to parlor games.  Parents were also happy since the little kiddie crews had a song and dance presentation. 

Overall, my little Neo was very happy during the weeklong he spent at McDonald’s Kiddie Crew.  He gained friends, learned a lot of values such as hard work, teamwork, and discipline.  He also was able to enhance his talent in dancing and singing.  

Thank you to McDonald’s for letting Neo attend McDonald's Kiddie Crew workshop, Mommy Bloggers Philippines, and of course the staff and crew of McDonald’s Manggahan, General Trias leaded by Mr. Arch Llanes.  You made little Neo’s summer a productive one.  J


  1. Our son also enrolled in the McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop this year and he had a lot of fun! He was so excited because his older sisters have told him how much fun they had when they experienced it too years ago. He actually wishes the workshop didn't have to end so soon. :)

  2. I would love for Nate to try McDo Kiddie Crew as well. Hopefully next year, pwede na sya. I think this is a great workshop, nakakatuwa sila panoorin in their uniforms. This is something I bet Nate will love. :)

  3. Two years ago, I also enrolled my son in McDonald's Kiddie Crew. He doesn't like it at first but I told him that he will enjoy it for sure. Indeed, he enjoyed the 5 days workshop, medyo bitin nga noh?

  4. We also took our son to McDonald'sKiddie Crew a couple of years ago. In general he liked it, but there were too manu kids in this group. I think they should have made a less people in group.

    Sophie van der Linden


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