Monday, July 31, 2017

Choosing A Car: A Mom’s Perspective

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In the past years, the automotive industry has seen a boom in the Philippines.   This is mostly thanks to the marketing strategies such as discounts and promos that some car brands offer.  But as a mom, I would say that one of the main reasons why families buy their own cars can be attributed to avoiding the perils of public transportation. 

Public transportation has always been quite a tricky issue in our country.  When you travel by public commute daily, you encounter a lot of stress.  Traffic can be one of them, but the highlight of public transport issue is the danger (such as theft, hold ups, etc.) one exposes oneself while traveling through public commute, especially in a third world country. 

As such, most families now buy their own car.  But how do we choose what car to buy?  There are a lot of factors you need to consider when buying a car.  As a mom, I’d like to share some to you.

PRICE.  Not all families can afford to pay a brand new car.  Some can only buy second hand one.  The price will always matter when buying and choosing the right car for your family.

FEATURES. Different car models have different car features.  One car may offer the features that you need, while others might not.  For families, the two most important considerations in features would be comfort and size.  Big families need more seating capacity.  But how do we get to know what car features the brand we like has?  We can get this through browsing online reviews. is a great website that offers various reviews.  These reviews come with videos and comparison to other brands as well.  This is very helpful in checking out the features of the car you are eyeing to buy.

AESTHETICS. How the car looks outside will always be a big consideration in buying the car you wanted.  No matter how big or small the car maybe, the aesthetics will always matter.

SAFETY. As a mom, safety features will always be the top priority in buying your own car.  I have made sure to emphasize safety as it is not just a part of a car feature for us, moms.  Safety will always be of primary importance for us.  So we need to put in a lot of research about the safety features of a car. 

These are just some of the factors moms consider when buying a car.  Hope this helps when buying your own car.


  1. I used to love taking buses as a single person. Now that I have kids, I can't imagine traveling without car. It's difficult especially if they need to go to the toilet, eat, sleep, or cry. I always look at the functionality when buying a car. The space and durability. :)

  2. I am a commuter so and I completely agree with what you said. About 2 years ago, we have a friend who would drive us to church every Sunday, sumasabay na kami sa kanila and I can really see the huge difference when it comes to convenience.

  3. When it comes to car, I just let my husband choose since I don't know anything about cars. Sometimes I suggest colors. hehehe! It is also nice if you will visit the store, so you can see the car and if lucky, matest drive din.

  4. I remember seeing that recently launched Volvo family SUV which has superb safety features for kids and said to myself I would buy it when I become a billionaire! Haha! :) I think SUVs are really best for small families. We'll have to give up the sedans we were driving when we were still single because a big car is really more convenient! Not sure though which SUVs are afforadable in the market today.

  5. I don't drive so when it comes to anything that involves with our car, I defer the decision-making to my husband. But he does discuss with me first and I accompany him when he looks at car options.

  6. I have zero knowledge when it comes to cars and I haven't bought one myself. But I used to drive our family car when I was in college.

  7. I grew up commuting and considered myself a pro at it... until I had a child! Suddenly it's hard, almost impossible, to commute, and kung walang choice, taxi talaga. Of course we know the risks, so having a car is the best option talaga. And we had to consider children in choosing the right features for us. So complicated haha!

  8. It was my mom who decided what car to buy but she asked for my opinion as well. Now that I drive, I somehow understand what to be considered in buying. For me, one wouldn't really get a grasp of something she has no experience yet.


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