Saturday, July 1, 2017

Color Manila Challenge Run 2017 at Greenfield City

Joining fun runs has always been a something my hubby and I love to do.  So when Color Manila invited us to join the Color Manila Challenge Run last June 25, we gladly took the challenge. 

Color Manila Challenge Run 2017 was held at Greenfield City, Sta Rosa Laguna.  It is an obstacle run.  This is one of the five different fun runs that Color Manila organizes.  The other four are the Classic Run, Glitter Run, Costume Run, and the Blacklight Run.  

It was our first time to attend a Color Manila run and it was also our first time to join an obstacle run.  We were at the venue at the stated assembly time which was 430AM.  We roam around the sponsor’s booths and joined the warm up exercises. 

There are three categories of the challenge run: 10K, 5K, and 3K.  The fee for the Color Manila run varies not on the category of the run you will join but on the inclusions of the race kit.  Ours included: a singlet, drawstring bag, head wear, sunglasses, and finisher’s medal.

We run the 5K race and encounter several obstacles.  At the start of the race, you will be showered with water – maybe to make sure that the color powder sticks to your clothes and skin.

There are different obstacles along the way and each one of them is colorful – meaning, you get to be thrown with color powder.    

Aside from the fact that this is an obstacle run, Color Manila Challenge gave us a very different experience.  Here is what I observed.

·         Color Manila is not a timed-run.  There are no prizes for the first people who will finish the race.  Meaning, it doesn’t matter if you finish first or last.  What matters is that you enjoy the run. 

·         Color Manila’s merchandises included in the race kit are of quality materials and very stylish.

·         Color Manila Challenge Run started quite late and doesn’t have soooo many runners, unlike some of the fun runs I attended.  Most of the fun runs I attended started their runs as early as 12AM or for some, 4AM.  However, this has the most runners who are enjoying so much. 

·         Since Color Manila Challenge Run was held at Greenfield City in Laguna, this run was not really tiring. It must be because Laguna’s air is so much fresher than that of Manila and so runners can still inhale clean air – and clean air doesn’t wear you down.

·         Color Manila Challenge Run has a very nice and intimate after run program.  There’s only one game – a dance showdown.  Every one enjoyed watching this.

·         No runner went home after finishing the race.  This is because the most exciting part of every Color Manila Runs is held at the end of the program.  This is where every runner present gets to enjoy being dirty and colorful.  Every runner gets to shower with color powder.  The more colorful you get home, the more fun you had.

Color Manila Challenge Run is by far the most fun Fun Run we ever joined.  We are sure to join next time and will be bringing our little boy with us – as we know he will enjoy this too.


  1. I also noticed that you always join Fun Run, no doubt that you are fit. :) This really looks a fun event because it is not a competition. Parang ang sarap magjoin, kaso may obstacle na aakyat. hehehe!

    1. This is the first time nga na we joined a fun run na hindi competetion - and its more fun. :)

  2. Ah! This is the fun run that my friend posted on FB. Looks really fun, as they add up color and after run program. These color powder makes it unique and exciting! Plus the location is really good, unlike the skyway run 😅

    1. It is really fun. :) But what I like naman in the Skyway run, is that since its very early (hindi pwedeng late kasi magagalit ang mga motorista haha), you get to experience the sun rise at a higher elevation.

  3. I've never tried joining a fun run. Pero by the look at it, ito talaga ang "fun" run! I saw your post in FB about this one and I think it's really nice. I hope hubby and I can try this din next time. :)

    1. Try it with your hubby too. It's really a nice way of chatting with each other since you get to do nothing while running/walking. tipong one-on-one conversation ":)

  4. Running for a cause and with the little boy would surely be more than fun. Seems the event was such a success and indeed fun.

  5. How I miss running. I used to be active during law school days, but when I had a baby, I can't even run in the treadmill! Hahaha!


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