Thursday, July 6, 2017

Japan 2017: A Day at Fuji-Q Highland

Fuji-Q Highland is a theme park located at Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan.  This theme park is close to Mt Fuji and so we decided to visit it the same day we went to see Mt. Fuji.  But there is also a very personal reason we wanted to see Fuji-Q Highland.  It is because Thomas Land is located inside Fuji-Q theme park.  Our little boy has been a fan of Thomas and Friends ever since he was a toddler, and so it is very vital that we visit Thomas Land.

Fuji-Q Highland is home to several interesting rides and attractions.  Aside from Thomas Land, there are also other family oriented attractions in Fuji-Q.  Anime themed attractions are also present in Fuji-Q.  But what makes Fuji-Q Highland famous is because it is home to Japan’s most thrilling roller coasters.

Entrance to Fuji-Q Highland cost JPY1500 for adults and JPY900 for kids above 3 years old.  You have to pay to ride or enter in any attractions.  We were lucky since when we visited Lake Kawaguchiko, we saw a voucher that gives tourist free entrance to Fuji-Q Highland.  That was JPY3900 savings for us! J

Now let us take a photo tour on what you can see inside Fuji-Q Highland. 

Fuji-Q is home to Thomas Land.  We spent most of our time inside Thomas Land and this made the little boy’s visit a very memorable one.

Kids’ get to have fun at Fuji-Q as there are rides catered to them. 

Hamtaro Ride.

Nagashimakusa – an elevated water raft ride. 

Ice skating area. 

There are also anime themed attractions inside Fuji-Q.  We were given free passes to Evangelion World (aside from the free entrance fee).  This attraction cost JPY800 to enter.  Neo wasn’t happy with this as he find the place very scary.

Fuji-Q Highland is famous for its thrilling roller coasters.  There’s the Tentekomai where you will soar high up and spin around (Entrance: JPY800).  The Fujiyama, also known as the King of Coasters, has a maximum speed of 130km/hr and has a maximum drop of 70m (Entrance: JPY1000).  The Eejanaika, the coaster which has the highest number of spins in the world (Entrance: JPY1000).  The Takabisha, the coaster which has the steepest drop at 121 degrees (Entrance: JPY1000).  And a lot more.

 Here are some of the few we saw but would never ever ride hahaha :D

The Tentekomai. 

The Takabisha and Eejanaika.

Our day at Fuji-Q Highland was a wonderful one.  This was the first time I entered a theme park that I only rode one attraction (to top it all, that attraction is a kiddie ride), but I had so much fun.  Watching people scream at the top of their lungs while riding thrilling rides is fun no?  But what’s more fun is seeing the happy face of our little boy the whole time we were inside Fuji-Q Highland.


  1. I saw this theme park too but I did not include this because my son doesn't like Thomas na. He used to like Thomas din when he was in toddler years so I was surprised nung hindi na siya interested. If I were there too, wala din ko masasakyan, I'm not fond of thrilling rides.

  2. I'm not a fan of rollercoasters, mahiluhin kasi ako heheh. I'm happy na with Thomas Train and Carousel lols. Fuji-Q is definitely for thrill seekers.

  3. Hindi ako masyado faint-hearted but not as "all out" like others too. The last time I rode a rollercoaster was 2 years ago sa EK and it was fun. Pero ang puso ko, grabe, feeling ko mahuhulog sa lupa! lol.

  4. So many attractions indeed. I bet you all had fun though the rides could be for real thrill seekers. Nakakatakot. Ehehe.

  5. I ride rollercoasters. At para lang siya talaga for the bravest of hearts haha.

    I have a nephew who also loves Thomas and all his train friends. Medyo bihira lang may makagusto cause we know naman na mas popular yung superheroes and stuff. Your kiddo must be very happy to have visited Thomas Land :)


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