Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Japan 2017: Tokyo Disneyland

Japan has three major theme parks namely: Universal Studios Japan, Tokyo DisneySea, and Tokyo Disneyland.  We traveled to Japan with our little boy and so we wanted to visit all three major theme parks (okay, that was just an excuse…the hubby and I really wanted to visit these theme parks hahaha :D). 

The last theme park we visited was Tokyo Disneyland.  As we availed a two-day passport, we need to visit Tokyo Disneyland the day after we visited Tokyo DisneySea. 

Tokyo Disneyland is divided into seven (7) areas: World Bazaar, Tomorrow Land, ToonTown, Fantasy Land, Critter Country, WesternLand, and AdventureLand.  Each area, just like in Tokyo DisneySea, has popular attractions that a lot of people queue up to.  Fast Pass is also offered to quite a number of attractions.

We arrived at Tokyo Disneyland the moment it opened at 9AM.  Since we have visited quite a lot of theme parks in our 11-day itinerary already (USJ, Fuji-Q, and DisneySea), we thought our Tokyo Disneyland adventure would just be a normal one.  It wasn’t. 

Our experience at Tokyo Disneyland was by far, for me, the most fun of all the theme parks we visited.  Yes, I was so in love with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Japan, I was in awe at the thrill-seeking coasters of Fuji-Q Highland, and I was mesmerized by the one and only Tokyo DisneySea.  But our Tokyo Disneyland visit was the most wonderful it all.

Let me tell you why.  

We were able to ride the most number of attractions at Tokyo Disneyland.  We secured two (2) Fast Pass tickets to two attractions: Monsters, Inc. and Haunted Mansion.  We were able to ride several attractions at ToonTown because the little boy liked this area.  We were able to tour four (4) attractions at Fantasy Land – Mickey’s PhilharMagic is one of them.  We also rode some attractions at Adventure Land.  Overall, I can count more than twelve (12) that we were able to visit.  It’s quite a lot for a day of visit at any Disneyland.

We had fun at Mickey’s PhilHarMagic.  It was at HongKong Disneyland when we first watch Mickey’s PhilHarMagic.  Neo was sleeping the whole time the hubby and I were watching.  Now, Neo was able to watch it and he was so amazed at this show. 

We were able to watch two (2) parades – one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.  When we visited HongKong Disneyland, we weren’t able to watch the parade.  So we made sure to be able to watch it while we were at Tokyo Disneyland.  The two parades are basically the same.  They have the same Disney characters.  They only differ in: (1) the song they played – the afternoon parade has a jollier song, (2) the evening parade has a lot of lights – so the parade would shine.

We were not able to have our pictures taken with any Disney characters.  You will have to queue up for this.  The queue can take up to more than 2 hours long.  We decided not to have our photos taken with the characters.  We were able to see them all at the parade anyway.

It was during our day at Tokyo Disneyland that 
we experience the heat for the first time.

We were able to watch the Cinderella Castle Storybook Show.  At exactly 9PM, during our visit, Cinderella’s castle (located at the middle of the park), became a gigantic storybook. It was very colorful with a lot of lights and some fireworks.  It’s a spectacular display and we were so fortunate to be able to watch it.  (PS: As per Disney Resort’s website, they are permanently closing this attraction on November 6, 2017 L).

 Cinderella’s Castle lights up for the Storybook Show. 

Our experience at Tokyo Disneyland really was the best theme park experience so far because we were able to maximize our visit.  We were not so tired but we had so much fun. J

Mama and Neo enjoying every bit of our Tokyo Disneyland experience.

Japan 2017: Tokyo DisneySea


  1. Japan is definitely calling us!!! I remember our HK Disneyland adventure years ago--it was so magical and I was so happy despite my age. Wanna try Disney Sea, too! What about the Hogwarts Castle? Did you go there, too?

    1. We went to Universal Studios Japan to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. As a potterhead, I wont miss talaga! :)

  2. My son was sad when we were not able to visit Tokyo Disneyland, ang hirap din kasi pag kulang yung araw mo. Hindi naman practical kung two theme parks ang ivisit namin in one day kasi di mo masusulit yung bayad per theme park. I just told him, "Don't worry, may next time pa naman". I just don't know when nga lang, hehehe! Mukhang mas malaki siya sa HK Disneyland noh?

    1. I think it's slightly bigger lang, but most of the rides naman in Disneyland (anywhere in the world) are the same - and are magical :D

  3. I can imagine how much fun this trip was, not only for your son but for you and your hubby too. It's great how you were able to visit so many attractions in just one day. Super sulit! Sad to know though that the Cinderella's Castle show will be permanently closed soon.

  4. We are planning to visit HK Disneyland in Jan next year. I am excited and anxious about it. It's going to be Nate and I's first out of the country vacation. I hope all turns out well. Tokyo Disneyland looks really wonderful! ♥

    1. Tokyo Disneyland seems every inch different from Hong Kong Disneyland. Makes me want to see the place as well. But more than ever, it's the wanting to let my boys visit Japan that pushes me for the trip. From your blog posts, seems Japan has so much to offer.


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