Saturday, July 15, 2017

Office Gatherings Are Extra Special With Cheers Napkin

All full-time working moms would agree that working in the office is very challenging.  Other than the daily commute, the 8 to 9 hours office/field work can be very exhausting.  But what makes it really hard for working moms is the fact that you are away from your family for more than 10 hours of your day. 

Thank God for friends in the office that makes office life wonderful.  And what makes a great office bonding activity?  Gatherings!  And office gatherings are best with food.  And when there’s food – there’s got to be napkins!

A lot of you would think that napkin is only necessary in the kitchen or when you are going on a picnic.  Let me enumerate to you some ways on how napkins are also handy in the office – especially during get-togethers and gatherings.

There are a variety of napkins sold in the market, but there’s one brand that stands out among them: Cheers.  Cheers is a brand of quality hygienic napkins and paper towels that comes in various patterns and is perfect for gatherings and get-togethers.  Every Cheers napkin and paper towels are made of 100% Virgin Pulp and has no artificial whiteners and elemental chlorine.  It also comes with different print designs that are colorful and fun.

At the office, every employee considers napkin as part of their essential needs.  This is most especially during gatherings and get-togethers.  Cheers comes in handy for me and my office friends as it comes in variety of configurations.

Cheers Table Napkin size 200x200mm and Cheers folded Party Napkin are perfect for wiping our hands and table wares prior to eating.  These varieties are also very handy in wiping out our office tables once we are done with our gathering (our lunch).

Cheers Table Napkin size 200x100mm is just right for wiping our mouths smeared with food.   The size is perfect for wiping our faces once we are done eating.  Putting Cheers Table Napkin of this variation close to us while eating, makes it accessible for us to cover our faces/mouths when sneezing or when we get choked by foods.

Cheers Flat Table Napkin is just perfect for wrapping the sandwiches we bring for snacks.  It has the right size in wrapping a normal size bread and very good for sharing to my colleagues. 

Cheers Kitchen Towel provides a unique usage for me during office gathering, other than drying hands.  It acts as a make-do placemat so our office tables remain clean even after small gatherings.  

Cheers brand also comes with other get-together essentials such as starch-based cutlery and trash bags.   Not all offices allow you to wash your table wares, as not all offices have a pantry.  Cheers cutlery set of fork and spoons are the ideal partner of our office foods. 

At the end of every get-togethers and gatherings, we make sure to keep our office environment clean.  This is how Cheers Trash Bags helps us a lot.  It is biodegradable (which all trash bags should be) and comes with a tie for every bag so it’s easy to wrap. 

Now, that I’ve shared to you how napkins, particularly Cheers, can make office gatherings extra special, why don’t you go and buy Cheers Napkins and plan a small office gathering with your office friends.  You know, this will make your office life a little bit more enjoyable.

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post.  However, all opinions are mine.


  1. This is a must have in our parties at home! Super handy and affordable.

  2. I cannot live without paper towels as in. I use it for almost everything and I definitely prefer these over rags which is more hygienic.

  3. haven't tried this brand yet. but will give it a try and put it on my grocery list na :)

  4. Love the Cheers brand as well. Their napkins are extra absorbent and even their trash bag are extra durable.

    Indeed office gatherings are something to look forward.

  5. I've seen Cheers sa grocery store several times already. Napkins are a must. Kami, as much as possible, we carry wipes and towels everywhere we go.

  6. I'm using cheers kitchen towel, it makes my life easier :-) Lalo na sa baking

  7. I also use Cheers table napkins, especially when we're doing the parties sa ibang lugar. They're super convenient and easily disposable. And the trash bags are like heaven sent haha. You know it, when you're a mom getting your place cleaned up is already a big achievement. :)

  8. Tried this brand and I love how durable they are. And budget-friendly too. I super love their kitchen towel.

  9. I haven't tried their napkins but I've tried their garbage bag before, it is very affordable and high quality! 🙂

  10. Thanks for sharing. I'll try Cheers. There are plenty of paper towels out there that are a very high quality and are also affordable, but in many instances when I buy cheap paper towels, I end up with an inferior product that barely holds up to a single use. The towels simply won't clean up a spill or mess the way that they should. I hope this brand wont turn out to be like that. :)

  11. Cheers table napkin and their other products are some of the trusted brands I buy in the supermarket. :)

  12. Oh wow! I want the table napkin! Ang ganda ng deign nia!

  13. I buy my paper towels from Daiso, but after discovering Cheers and how affordable they also are, I might just try them next!


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