Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Press Release: Sony Philippines Launches Bravia OLED A1 Series

Last July 4, Sony Philippines launches its new 4K High Dynamic Range of TV line-up called the Bravia OLED A1 Series at City of Dreams, Manila.  TV viewing will never be the same again as Sony Philippines new Bravia OLED A1 Series is a 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) television series designed to provide exceptional brightness range and higher contrast.  The new Bravia TVs uses 4K HDR content with the combination of unique image processor and display device technologies.

The world of HDR has been greatly expanding with the advent of video streaming services, 4K UHD Blu-ray, and recently with Playstation 4 gaming.  Now more than ever before, accurate image processing is playing a crucial role in delivering a amazing picture according to the filmmaker’s or game developer’s intentions.

The Unveiling of Sony Bravia OLED TV.
To provide a wide selection of 4K HDR displays, Sony Philippines brings in the 4K HDR OLED TV as Bravia OLED in 65” and 55” Class Models.  The A1E series offers a totally new visual experience with a combination of superior quality picture of OLED, with its unique cutting edge design.

However, Bravia OLED’s innovations do not end with the incredible picture performance.  The A1E series is the world’s first large screen TV which can emit its sound from the screen itself.  Sony developed a new Acoustic Surface Technology which can emit sound directly from the screen.  This allows perfect unification of picture and sound that you will not get on normal TVs.

The Sony Bravia OLED A1E 65”.
Bravia OLED’s exceptionally wide viewing angle makes the A1E series the unmatched visual and aural experience for TV viewers.  The future of TV is Sony with the Bravia OLED, you will never look at TV the same way again. 

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