Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Oishi Snacktacular 2017

Mall goers of Festival Mall at Alabang, Muntinlupa were in for a treat last July 28, 29, and 30.  This is because Oishi Snacktacular 2017 was held at the mall’s carousel area.  Oishi Snacktacular 2017 is an event sponsored by Oishi for families to enjoy.

There are several activities to do at the Oishi Snacktacular 2017.  Entrance was free of charge.  An event passport was given to each person who entered the activity area.

Here are the list of different activities you can try and the corresponding fee you need to pay to participate and some of my notes if the cost was worth it.

Oishi Cuckoo Blaster.  Cost: Php120.  You will be dressed in chicken costume and will need to catch the small balls thrown your way.  The prize will depend on the number of balls you will catch. 

Is Php120 worth it? Yes it is.  You will be given an eco-bag in this activity with the Oishi drinks you get as prizes.  The drinks may not accumulate to a total of Php120 (if you only catch small amount of balls), but I think the eco-bag included is a nice addition.

Make Your Own Oishi Snack.  Cost: Php20.  Here you will make your own Oishi snack by choosing 2 snacks from 5 different snacks available.  You also get to choose 2 dips.

Is Php20 worth it?  Yes it is.  You get to combine 2 Oishi snacks with 2 dips.  I think Php20 is a good enough payment for it.

Oishi O-Twirl.  Cost: Php20.  Here, Oishi’s Choco Chug and Tea Matcha are made into an ice cream.  You can choose 2 toppings too.

Is Php20 worth it?  Yes it is.  The size of the cup is quite bigger than I expected for Php20.  J

Oishi Snack Shack.  Cost: Php295.  Here, you will be given a 2ft size package that you need to fill for 1minute. 

Is Php295 worth it?  Yes it is.  Honestly, the 1 minute time is long – and you can fill the 2ft pack in less than 30seconds (I did).  When we got home, we counted the Oishi snacks I was able to insert in the 2ft pack, and I think it was way over Php350+.  Very sulit!

Oishi Snack Catcher.  Cost: Php200.  This is the most famous of all the activities. Here, you will act like a human claw and dive into a swimming pool of Oishi snacks.  All you have to do is get everything you can.

Look how meager the snacks I was able to claw. 

Is Php200 worth it?  Depends.  I tried this, and was able to get only 15 snacks.  Not sulit right?  But the experience was all worth it.  On another note, last 2016, Oishi Snacktacular was held at SM Mall of Asia.  We (the hubby, me, and Neo) was able to attend (though not as media guest) and the hubby tried the Oishi Snack Catcher – he was able to catch 150+ snacks! Wow, right?!  I guess, you have to have a nice technique on how to catch as many snacks as you can.

If you were able to complete all the activities, and post a picture of you on social media, you are entitled to a souvenir shirt as well.

Oishi Snacktacular is a very family-oriented event that all kids and their parents had fun trying out all the different activities in the event.


  1. My family and I attended the Oishi Snacktacular for the first time this year. We had fun too but I did not dare try the Snack Catcher. Haha! My six-year-old son din though.

  2. Inggit much! Sana maka-attend na ako next time! Oishi Snack Shack is on my bucket list talaga... hehe! That Make you own snack is new to me, sulit nga P20.

  3. Oh this is really awesome! mukhang sa mga nakapunta sa event na to marami kayong nahakot na Oishi and more ah. I love Oishi since elementary pa ako lalo na yung color red na spicy.

  4. I never attempted to try the catcher last year sa trinoma, sayang it looks fun pa naman. My kids love Oishi snacks, lalo na yung fishda. Fave ko naman yung Panchos :)

  5. Ang galing ng Snack Catcher! You're right; even if hindi sya "sulit" price-wise, sulit naman sya experience-wise. I think everything there is worth trying!

  6. Aaaw. I envy those who joined! Hahakot sana ako ng supply ng cracklings if ever... hahaha, all mine. That's my fave snack, less junkfoods na kasi for kids. But I want my son to experience the human claw, hopefully meron ulit next year.😁

  7. This seems to be a real fun event. Id only invited, I would surely take the chance to grab the most number of chips. I am not proud I eat chips for breakfast but ibjust couldn't help it. Masarap mamapak ng chichirya e.


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