Thursday, September 21, 2017

Eating Healthily: Go, Glow, and Grow

The educational curriculum nowadays is so advanced.  I remember learning the food groups called Go, Glow, and Grow when I was in third grade.  It’s different now.  My little boy who’s a first grader is currently studying these food groups.  I honestly felt this is good since early introduction of eating healthily will affect every kid’s eating habits.  

Now, let’s review. 

Go foods are foods rich in carbohydrates.  Go foods help gives energy to the body.  For an active boy, Neo needs a lot of Go foods.  He can have his daily supply of Go foods by eating rice and breads. 

Glow foods are foods rich in vitamins and minerals.  Glow foods help regulate our body.  It makes our skin glow.  Neo can have his daily supply of Glow foods by eating vegetables and fruits.  Some kids find it a challenge to eat Glow foods.  My little boy is the same.  But it’s okay.  He’s learning to appreciate Glow foods.

Grow foods are foods rich in protein.  Grow foods help build our body cells and muscles.  As a growing kid, Neo needs a lot of Grow food.  He can get grow foods in milk, pork, and fish.   Grow food is something that Neo needs no persuasion in eating.  This is because chicken and eggs are part of Grow foods.

Apart from the need to make sure that a balanced meal will be given to my family, little Neo, as with other kids his age, loves eating chickens (especially the fried ones).  So my task as a mom is to make sure he still gets to eat what he wants and to ensure that the nutrition from chicken will not go missing in his weekly diet. 

As a mom, it is entrusted to me to make sure every food we take in our home are safe.  I ensure to source the safest and healthiest (and most practical, not just affordable) food we serve in our dining table.   This goes with all foods.

There are a lot of poultry providers in the country.  San Miguel Foods, Inc.’s Magnolia Fresh Chicken is one of them.  What made me choose Magnolia Fresh Chicken apart from the other providers?  Magnolia Fresh Chickens are raised in environmentally controlled houses, no antibiotic residue, and no added hormones and steroids.  These chickens are stress-free!  No wonder it’s a trusted brand for moms like me. 

Look! Our freezer is full of our trusted Magnolia Fresh Chicken! J

For moms like me, it’s good to hear that the chickens we consume are safe and stress-free, right?  It is very important to teach our kids to eat healthily and have a well-balanced meal.  That is the reason why chicken will always be a staple in our dining table.  And Magnolia Fresh Chicken are safe to consume.  Kaya Magsiguro, Mag-Magnolia! Sigurado ka dito!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  However, all opinions are mine. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Villa Excellance Resort at Tanza Cavite

We are a family who bonds mostly through eating and swimming.  If there’s an occasion, we either eat out or go on a swimming escapade or both.  Father’s Day this year was no exception.  So even though it was already the rainy season, we decided to go swimming to celebrate Father’s Day.  We initially planned to go to Pansol, a famous place in Laguna for hotspring resorts.  But due to some minor issues, we decided to just celebrate at a resort in Cavite.   We found ourselves at Villa Excellance Resort at Tanza.

Villa Excellance Resort is a big resort with several swimming pools and a beach area.  It has a lot of day tour cottages that can cater several guests.  Overnight accommodations are also available for night swimmers.   Prices vary depending on the size of cottage you will rent.

The wave pool is the highlight of Villa Excellance swimming area.  During our stay, the wave pool generates waves more than 3 times and as long as almost 30 minutes per wave batch.  The wave pool is enjoyable but there are areas in the flooring that is quite rough. 

There’s also a small kids’ water-park at the swimming area.  Neo had so much fun in this area.  I think we all had. J

There’s also a small Jacuzzi-like area, a small lazy-river, and a small pool that is 5 feet deep.

Entrance to the beach area is Php75 per person, while entrance to swimming pool area with access to the beach area is Php250.  

There is nothing to rave about the beach area.  Tanza beach is along the same shoreline as Manila Bay.  The sand is black, the water isn’t clear, and the beach area is not so clean.  So I suggest you pay for the swimming pool area with access to the beach. 

There are cooking and grilling areas (because grilled foods are the best during swimming outing).  The comfort rooms and shower areas are clean too.

Our experience at Villa Excellance is a nice one.  The swimming pools are all nice and clean.  The entrance fee is not too high.  Cottage fees are not too pricey as well. What makes this swimming outing nicer is that we went there during the start of the rainy season; therefore, the place was not too crowded.  So for your next outing, you may want to try Villa Excellance if you want to stay close to the metro.

PS:  This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are mine.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Press Release: World Travel Expo 2017, Year 2

With the theme “Ride to the Dawn of Travel Revolution…Your Next Level of Destination”, World Travel Expo Year 2 aims to be the marketing platform for the travel industry.  World Travel Expo will serve as a channel between the international and national tour operators, airline companies, and travel authorities.

World Travel Expo Year 2 will showcase at least 245 booths of Inbound and Outbound Travel Operators, Travel Agencies, Cruise Lines, Hotels, Resorts, Serviced Apartments Accommodations, Themed Tours, Business Travel, Travel Gears and Accessories, and a lot more.

The 3-day expo, that will happen on October 8, 9, and 10 at SMX Convention Center Pasay City, will consists of workshops and activities related to travel and tourism which can provide useful and helpful information for both exhibitors and visitors.  Travelers, Entrepreneurs, and Individuals are encouraged to participate to score exclusive travel discounts and deals during the 3-day event. 

This event will bring together destinations, tourist attractions as well as organizations and business trade relations in the field of hotels, airlines, cruise, and other means of travel around the world.  It commits to provide effective platform that will help the Philippines for the global tourism and its development thru a one-stop solution by promoting sales and brand awareness.  

Entrance fee to World Travel Expo Year 2 is Php50 for walk –in and Php30 for online registration.  Register on the link here:

Monday, September 11, 2017

Press Release: The Future City, An Interactive Digital Park

Last Saturday and Sunday, The Future Park together with Nestle Nankid Optipro Four launched Future City: An Interactive Digital Park.  All kids, and kids at heart, had an extraordinary learning experience at the Future City.  Future City was designed to help reshape our kids’ future today through one-of-a-kind interactive activities that will put kids (and parents too) mind and eyes in awe.

Future City is a pioneering digital park that aims to educate and empower children and their parents about how their decisions today can affect the future.  Future City used technologies from all around the globe.  The park contains six (6) unique and engaging stations that will give guests the chance to participate in activities that will help nurture the minds.

The first activity is the Future Dome.  It gives the guests a glimpse of the several technological advances that will soon define the future cities – interactive cityscapes, solar powered walls, autonomous vehicles, and towering skyscrapers.

Sketch Village is the second station.  Here, guests will choose and color different patterns and watch them in a digital screen after scanned.

Stomp-the-Scrap Floor and Block-the-Junk Wall are the third and fourth stations.  Here, guests will have to chance to learn to differentiate healthy versus unhealthy food choices.

The fifth station is the Health Screener.  This helps parents assess the possibilities of children inheriting traits and diseases.  Family history plays an important part in determining conditions and diseases that can be inherited.

Future City ends at the Nankid area.  Nestle Nankid Optipro Four is a milk designed specifically for your child’s growth and development. 

The interactive nature of Future City is focused to the entire exhibit’s message, not just in terms of technology and infrastructures, but for far more essential choices for your children’s health and development.  Never settle for anything less especially when it comes to your child.  Give your child optimum nutrition and reshape their future today.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Bijin Nabe at S Maison: The Japanese Beauty Hot Pot

Ever since we traveled to Japan, we are now partial into eating Japanese food when dining out (this applies just for the hubby and me, as our little boy still loves fried chicken).   Japan food taste so delicious that a lot of Pinoys are very fond of eating it.

So we have been visiting Japanese restaurants lately and one of them is Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo at S Maison in Pasay.  What made us choose this restaurant is because they serve Japanese Beauty Hot Pot.

The interior of Bijin Nabe looks like any other Japanese restaurant.  It has wooden tables and chairs, and only few couches.  All tables have built-in induction cooker for cooking their specialty dish: the Golden Collagen Chicken Soup.

Bijin Nabe serves several Japanese dishes but you are required to order the Golden Collage Chicken Soup.  A portion of this cost Php750.  One portion is good for two people.  

The Golden Collagen Chicken Soup is served first and heated at the induction cooker in the table.  It looks like a tofu.  It has 2 cuts of chicken and the staff will serve it for you to taste the soup without any added ingredients yet.  The soup is thick and very tasty.

After which, the staff will put all ingredients in the remaining collagen soup.  The ingredients include prawn, lettuce, red radish, sunflower sprout, enoki mushroom, baby sweet potato leaves, baby corn, lady’s finger, deep fried tofu, zucchini, fresh black fungus, and tori tsukune (ground chicken meat).  You will choose the noodle you want to add in your soup.  We chose the Tsuru Noodle.

The Golden Collagen Chicken Soup with complete ingredients is still tasty but no longer thick.

We also ordered the Chicken Nanban Original.  It cost Php295.  This is also the chicken Karaage but with sweet and sour nanban sauce.  Of all the Chicken Karaage I tasted here in the Philippines, this is the closest taste to that of Japan’s.

To complete our meal, we order their Japanese rice.  A cup of Japanese rice cost Php60.  The Japanese rice they serve has thick and rounded grains.

Overall, the food the Bijin Nabe served is very tasty and delicious.  The restaurant’s ambience is very cozy and comfortable.  However, their staffs need to smile more – though all of them were very attentive to our needs.  We had an awesome dining experience and we will definitely go back to Bijin Nabe as we had an almost authentic Japanese restaurant experience here.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Press Release: Celebrate Grandparents’ Day in SM Supermalls

This September, SM Supermalls highlights another celebration as SM celebrates Grandparents’ Day across 63 SM malls nationwide.  This season allows grandparents to express their love for their grandchildren, and vice versa, through a host of fun-filled activities in all SM Supermalls across the country.

Starting August 29, several activities and treats for grandmoms and granddads include exciting shopping, dining deals, and the Sounds of the 60s Fitness Party, where mallgoers can join the elderly as they get fit with fun fitness classes.

The App with Apo is another activity that should not be missed.  This is an activity happening on September 2, 3, 9, and 10, where lolos and lolas can learn useful mobile apps with their grandkids at SM Cyberzone. 

Another activity that shouldn’t be missed is the Art with Apo happening on September 9 and 10.  Grandparents can enjoy a meaningful bonding with their grandchildren through arts and crafts.

On Grandparents’ Day itself, September 10, there will be a special blessing for grandparents after Sunday Mass in SM Supermalls.

What’s more exciting is that mallgoers can join the digital promo where they only need to share on Facebook their plans on how they will spend their #DateWithLoloAndLola for a chance to win Php10,000 worth of SM GCs!

To end this blogpost, I’d like to share with you the link to SM Supermalls’ Grandparents video on facebook.  Enjoy watching!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Press Release: The Great Singapore Airlines Getaway With Mastercard

Have you ever thought of having a luxurious getaway where you can indulge in all life’s finest things?  Nowadays, getaways have been the go-to solution to satisfy one’s cravings for adventures or escape of the daily grind.

This month of September 2017, dust off your passports and get ready to go on a much-needed vacation as Singapore Airline and SilkAir bring you “The Great Singapore Airlines Getaway”, together with Mastercard.  With great places, great prices, and great perks, this global sale presents a priceless opportunity for you to treat yourself and your loved ones to a travel experience if a lifetime!

Indulge into exhilarating attractions, sights, sounds, gastronomic delights while travelling in these attractive fares for Singapore Airlines’ Economy Class.

For more discerning travelers seeking extra comfort, the Premium Economy Class fares are also available.

For those who want to experience traveling in luxury, there are Business Class promotional fares they can enjoy.

If these amazing fares aren’t enough, Singapore Airlines, SilkAir, and Mastercard are topping up their offering with a free Singapore Stopover Holiday.  By simply purchasing a minimum of two (2) round-trip tickets of the same itinerary beyond Singapore, you can enjoy a stopover in Singapore with free one-night accommodation, and get access to 15 great attractions!

What’s more?  KrisFlyer members can also earn double miles for hotel bookings made through Agoda or when renting a car through during this promotion. 

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