Thursday, September 21, 2017

Eating Healthily: Go, Glow, and Grow

The educational curriculum nowadays is so advanced.  I remember learning the food groups called Go, Glow, and Grow when I was in third grade.  It’s different now.  My little boy who’s a first grader is currently studying these food groups.  I honestly felt this is good since early introduction of eating healthily will affect every kid’s eating habits.  

Now, let’s review. 

Go foods are foods rich in carbohydrates.  Go foods help gives energy to the body.  For an active boy, Neo needs a lot of Go foods.  He can have his daily supply of Go foods by eating rice and breads. 

Glow foods are foods rich in vitamins and minerals.  Glow foods help regulate our body.  It makes our skin glow.  Neo can have his daily supply of Glow foods by eating vegetables and fruits.  Some kids find it a challenge to eat Glow foods.  My little boy is the same.  But it’s okay.  He’s learning to appreciate Glow foods.

Grow foods are foods rich in protein.  Grow foods help build our body cells and muscles.  As a growing kid, Neo needs a lot of Grow food.  He can get grow foods in milk, pork, and fish.   Grow food is something that Neo needs no persuasion in eating.  This is because chicken and eggs are part of Grow foods.

Apart from the need to make sure that a balanced meal will be given to my family, little Neo, as with other kids his age, loves eating chickens (especially the fried ones).  So my task as a mom is to make sure he still gets to eat what he wants and to ensure that the nutrition from chicken will not go missing in his weekly diet. 

As a mom, it is entrusted to me to make sure every food we take in our home are safe.  I ensure to source the safest and healthiest (and most practical, not just affordable) food we serve in our dining table.   This goes with all foods.

There are a lot of poultry providers in the country.  Magnolia Fresh Chicken is one of them.  What made me choose Magnolia Fresh Chicken apart from the other providers?  Magnolia Fresh Chickens are raised in environmentally controlled houses, no antibiotic residue, and no added hormones and steroids.  These chickens are stress-free!  No wonder it’s a trusted brand for moms like me. 

Look! Our freezer is full of our trusted Magnolia Fresh Chicken! J

For moms like me, it’s good to hear that the chickens we consume are safe and stress-free, right?  It is very important to teach our kids to eat healthily and have a well-balanced meal.  That is the reason why chicken will always be a staple in our dining table.  And Magnolia Fresh Chicken are safe to consume.  Kaya Magsiguro, Mag-Magnolia! Sigurado ka dito!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  However, all opinions are mine. 

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