Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Japanese Dinner at Dohtonbori

After visiting Japan last March, the hubby and I have been inclined to eating Japanese cuisines.  Lucky for us because there are a lot of Japanese-themed restaurants are opening in the metro today.  One of those is Dohtonbori at SM Mall of Asia.

Dohtonbotri has one of the most unusual dining settings among all the Japanese-inspired restaurants in Manila.  Customers get to sit a dining area covered in tatami.  Cool right?  Each table has its own griddle that serves as a cooking area as most dishes are cooked in your table.

Upon entrance you will be asked to remove your shoes and place it in a shoe locker.  A locker key will be provided.

Dohtonbori’s specialty cuisine is not the usual ramen – but okonomiyaki.  Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake.  

When we visited, we ordered a Butatama (okonomiyaki) at Php199, Tonkotsu Ramen (because they serve ramen too) at Php290, Chicken Shio (not the usual karaage) at Php150, and rice sets (which includes miso soup) at Php90 each.  The chicken shio and butatama was cooked in front of us.

Creamy Tonkotsu Ramen.

Rice and Miso Soup.

Very well marinated Chicken Shio. 

Butatama (Okonomiyaki) topped with Japanese Mayo.

All dishes are savory and were affordably priced.  I love the ambience of the place.  However, I was not so fond of the scent of dishes being cooked in front of me – as well as the hot cooking oil that goes to my skin during the cooking time.  I think they need to put a small divider to so the cooking oil won’t go the customers or their clothes.  Nonetheless, I would definitely eat in this place again – but not with Neo in tow. J

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