Saturday, September 30, 2017

Tupperware Kids Plus+ Is Your Kid’s Best Partner In Play Dates

One afternoon of September, Tupperware Brands invited Neo and I to their head office.  The invitation was very exciting as it says they have prepared a special activity especially for the kids.  As a mom, there is no better treat than for other people say they have prepared something special for your child, right?

So off to the Tupperware Brands head office we go.  We arrived quite early than the start of the program.  Together with other mommy bloggers’ kids, Neo decided to play around the reception area.  They were very active.

After waiting for quite a while we were ushered to the conference room where mommies were given a comfortable seat to listen to Tupperware Brands introduce their brands.  Tupperware Brands is divided into three categories: Tupperware, Beauty, and Kids/Babies.  That afternoon, we focused on the Kids and Babies brand.

Tupperware Brands’ Kids/Babies line’s main thrust is called “Alagang Plus+”.  This means that their Baby Care Plus and Kids Plus line has been specially formulated to give children extra care that solves specific problems.  Baby Care Plus line is composed of bath, cologne, lotion, shampoo, powder, and soap.  All these are formulated to make sure babies skin are protected, hydrated, and without allergic reactions.   And just in time for Christmas, Baby Care Plus will launch the Baby Care Plus Gift Sets perfect for gift giving.

Perfect for gift-giving this coming Christmas season.

While we, mommy bloggers, were seated comfortably and listening to the different Tupperware products, our little ones were busy as well.  They are busy being playful and active.  This is because they are enjoying Tupperware Brands’ special activity for them: Gymboree play date! J  

Gymboree, has set up a mini play area for our kids.  There they play, sing, and be very active.  And because they are very active, they become smelly.  So in the middle of playing, our kids were asked to come to us so we could apply to them the Kids Plus Baby Powder and Cologne.

Kids Plus is not new to me.  Last year, I was given a chance to try Kids Plus to Neo.  Now, Kids Plus has a new and improved packaging – but same product we love.  Kids Plus is sectioned into two areas: Bath Time which includes Shampoo, Soap, and Bath, and Play Time which includes Lotion, Cologne, and Powder.  The Bath Time line of Kids Plus is in yellow color packaging to stimulate creativity and energy, while the Play Time line is in green color packaging as green is associated with learning, growth, and harmony.  Kids Plus product is the same with Baby Care Plus.  It is formulated to make sure our kids’ skin is protected, hydrated, and without allergic reactions.

After applying Kids Plus Cologne and Powder to Neo, he smelled so nice even though he played a lot and is very active.  His hair smelled nice too as Neo is using Baby Care Plus Shampoo since we were introduced to it last year. 

Playing helps build our kids physical, mental, and social skills.  Mommies, we don’t need to stop our kids from playing a lot just because they become smelly afterwards.  Tupperware Brands Kids Plus is our kids’ best partner in play dates as it makes sure our kids smell nice and their skins are protected.


  1. Glad that Tupperware is expanding its products! And I'm glad Gymboree made the kiddos happy while the mommies bonded. ;)

  2. Whenever I read or hear Tupperware, food container naiisip ko. But now, parang Avon na rin ang Tupperware, ang dami na nila products. I agree, pwedeng pang gift na rin this Christmas.

  3. i sgree that play is essential for kids to develop and learn. through play, they get to discover their talents and favorites. it is nice to know that Tupperware has personal care products to help moms groom their kids.

  4. Soooobrang bango ng lahat ng Kids Plus products! Love love love them all. Talagang nagtatagal ang amoy nila. My mother is a Tupperware user and dealer, lumaki kami sa Tupperware. lol.


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