Friday, October 27, 2017

Birthday Celebration at Yakimix SM Dasmarinas

Our family loves celebrating an occasion though eating (and sometimes, swimming).  Since we don’t have anything planned for Neo’s Lolo Jun’s birthday last September, and Yakimix opened a new branch at SM Dasmarinas, the mall closest to where we have our Sunday church, we decided to give this newly opened buffet restaurant a try.

We have celebrated the hubby’s birthday last time at Yakimix Hobbies located at Macapagal before.  So Yakimix’s type of buffet is nothing new to us.  Yakimix buffet allows you to grill your own food.  Buffet price per person is Php650 and kids Neo’s age is charged Php299. 

Functioning griller – unlike the one we had at Yakimix Hobbies.

We arrived at Yakimix SM Dasmarinas around 11AM.  We were seated asap since we have a reservation. 

The paper placemat has instructions on how to grill properly.

There are a lot of varieties of food choices you can grill – pork, fishes, chicken, seafoods, etc.  But if you’re not too fond of grilling, you can go to the other food station they offer. 

They have regular viands and dishes.  They also have some Japanese cuisines – Sakuyaki, Sushis, and Makis.  They also have a salad area.   They have dessert area that includes some cakes, ice creams, and a halo-halo station.  Take note that all these food stations have very small number of choices (no more than 10 choices in every food station).   The grilling station has the most number of food choices among all the food stations.

Yakimix Dasmarinas’ area is bigger than that of Yakimix Hobbies Macapagal.  The presentation of food is better too (maybe because they are fairly new).

Since it was Lolo Jun’s birthday, he was given a small birthday cake, a group of staff sang a birthday song for him, and he gets to eat for free (since he was with 3 full paying adults – us).

Look how happy Lolo Jun while the Yakimix staff was singing. 

Our overall experience at Yakimix SM Dasmarinas was a nice one.  You rarely see a buffet restaurant in Cavite, and having Yakimix at SM Dasmarinas is a welcome addition to all the restaurants already in there.  Plus, they made Neo’s Lolo Jun a happy one on his birthday J

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