Saturday, November 25, 2017

Press Release: Mober Launches In The Philippines

Last year, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) noted that there are almost 150,000 delivery vehicles for goods.  According to the data, delivery vehicles now make up to 15% of the total motor vehicle count.  These delivery vehicles add to the already infamous heavy traffic in Metro Manila.  With this, moving around certainly becomes more difficult and tiresome.

Mober Technology moves forward with a solution.  Mober is a Filipino tech start up that believes in reducing the growth of new vehicle ownership can help ease the traffic on streets.  Mober wants to do this by activating underutilized vans and trucks and hopefully leading to lighter traffic and lesser air pollution.  Also, Mober Technology seeks to improve the livers of Filipinos by moving truck and van owners to use their vehicles in providing streamlined delivery services for business and companies.

Keeping this initiative in mind, Mober Technology developed Mober, a smartphone app that lets users book vans and make deliveries on demand.  This makes Mober the first and only Filipino tech startup that provides logistics services.

Aside from making a positive contribution to the traffic situation, Mober also aims to help Filipino drivers.  Through the app, the company offered out-of-line drivers a legal and more stable source of income. 

Mober Technology believes that they are moving towards a better future for the Filipinos. Through Mober, they are able to help the society move forward while also moving lives of Filipino van and truck drivers.

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