Monday, November 27, 2017

Spiral Buffet For Lunch

Eating on buffet restaurants has always been a treat for me.  Whenever I eat at buffets, it means I am celebrating something.  But there are certain buffet restos that I haven’t tried no matter how good the recommendations are.  Cost would be the major reason.  And Spiral Buffet at Sofitel would be one of those buffets.   

Therefore, I was so grateful that Promil Four treated us, moms, to a hearty lunch buffet at Spiral.  It was included in the program that we ate a sumptuous buffet there. 

Spiral is famous for its 21 Dining Ateliers.  Because it is so plenty, most of the cuisines you are looking for are present in Spiral.  There are French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, and Filipino cuisines.  Salads, appetizers, cheeses, creamery, chocolaterie, and a lot more are also present.

I always feel that hotels serve very delicious foods.  And Spiral did not disappoint.  All cuisines served in Spiral are delectable and mouth-watering.

Different types of chocolate fountains.

Various cheeses from the famous Cheese Room.

Spiral’s ambiance is very sophisticated.  There are classy dining tables and comfortable couches.  A tandem of a singer and guitarist serenades the guests while eating. 

During our visit, Spiral celebrated its 5th birthday.  I wasn’t sure if there was an on-going promotion to celebrate it, but cakes were all over the place. 

Overall, I think the price you pay for dining at Spiral is worth every penny.  The delicious food with so many selections and the very sophisticated ambience gives justice to the cost of dining in Sofitel’s in house buffet restaurant.

PS: Spiral buffet prices differ per day and per time of visit.
PPS: If you are an Accor member, you get 50% discount at Spiral if you dine in for two J

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