Saturday, December 23, 2017

Product Review: Novelina Skin Care Line

Last week, one of my blogging communities, Filipino Bloggers Network celebrated its annual Christmas gathering.  There I was introduced to several products, some old and tested, others are fairly new.  One of those products is Novelina Skin Care Line.

Novelina Skin Care Line gave me some of their products to try.  I am not good at product review for skin care and cosmetics, but please let me try.  For a start, let me give you a background of my skin type.  I am blessed with a fair complexion, my skin moisture is in normal level, and overall, my skin is not delicate.

Novelina gave me three 3 products to try: Novelina Ultra Lightening Soap and Pollution Shield, Novelina High-Potency Anti-Aging Cream, and Novelina Instant Lightening Lotion and Pollution Shield. 

Novelina Ultra Lightening Soap has two powerful whitening ningredients – Gluthatione and Tres Blanche.  It also has snail serum and several natural ingredients.  After using the soap, I can say that overall, it just okay.  I cannot attest to the whitening effect, as my complexion is already fair.  It smells like Johnson and Johnson.  However, it feels dry after washing therefore putting moisturizer is advisable after use.

Novelina High-Potency Anti-Aging Cream contains 2 powerful ingredients: collagen and snail serum.  The serum doesn’t feel sticky and it has the sunblock feel when applied.  This may be because it also has SPF15 for optimum UVA and UVB protection.

Novelina Instant Lightening Lotion and Pollution Shield has the same lightening ingredient as the soap: Gluthatione and Tres Blanche.  It has the same non-sticky feeling as the serum.  It feels powdery overall and because of that, I could feel that it is low in moisturizer content.  Again, I cannot vouch on the lightening effect due to my skin complexion.

Those are the products Novelina Skin Care gave me to try. You can also try these products and see for yourself the effect it promises.


  1. This skincare line looks promising. And the Pollution shield sounds interesting. I will definitely check these out in stores. Thanks for sharing!

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